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Name Health Fatigue Description
Orange 10 S A sour fruit found across the continent.
Bread 10 S A big loaf of bread good for multiple servings.
Leftover Bread 10 S Bread with someone's teeth marks all over it.
Drinking Water 10 S Clean water that is suitable for drinking.
Cold Soup 10 S Soup that was left out all night. It's cold.
Hard Bread 10 S Bread that has dried out and become hard to eat.
Flour 10 S Dried wheat that has been ground into powder.
Carrot 10 S A light, sweet vegetable that's full of nutrition.
Holey Cheese 10 S A simple hard cheese made from sheep's milk.
Garlic 10 M A flavorful root essential to many recipes.
Mana Herbs 20 S Herbs that grow in shade. Used in medicine.
Butter 20 S Milk churned to separate the butterfat, then salted.
Yogurt 20 S A refreshing, sour food made by fermenting milk.
Herring 20 S A common fish found all across Valentia.
Dried Meat 20 S Thin slices of dried meat. Long-lasting, but chewy.
Raw Meat 20 M Red meat that's still fresh from the kill.
Honey 30 M Sweet honey harvested from a beehive.
Sausage 30 M Ground pork cased in intestine and smoked.
Ham 30 M A hunk of pork that's been cured to perfection.
Dried Shieldfish 30 M A fish caught near Zofia's shores and then dried.
Sweet Cookie 30 M A sweet baked treat popular with children.
Blue Cheese 40 M Aged cheese infused with mold. Stinky and salty.
Wine A popular beverage made by fermenting grapes.
Ale A beverage consumed across the continent.
Leftover Ale An ale that someone has already half quaffed.
Ram Wine Wine that used to be produced in Ram Village.
Medicinal Syrup 40 L A thick, restorative tincture made from herbs.
Exotic Spice 10 L A potent spice traded far and wide.
Duma Moss 30 None A rare moss with healing properties.
Fruit of Life 0 L Fruit from the elusive tree of life. Increases HP.
Soma 0 L A mystic plant extract. Increases attack.
Nethergranate 0 L An underworld fruit. Increases skill.
Pegasus Cheese 0 L An extremely rare cheese. Increases speed.
Ambrosia 0 L The fragrant food of the gods. Increases defense.
Golden Apple 0 L Fruit from the tree of knowledge. Grants EXP.