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  J     |                                |
  K     |               M                |
  L     |________________________________|
HP. This is your life meter. When this runs out, you die. Not a good thing. The number is how many thousand HP you have, with the bars each representing 0-999 life. So if you have a 1 there, and lose all your life, it will drop to 0, and start a new set of bars. Think of them as energy tanks, if you're a Metroid fan.
EXP. This is your EXP meter. When it fills and turns green, that means you have enough XP to level up, and you will do so when you leave the current map.
Level. This is what level you are. The more you increase your level, the more HP you receive, as well as the ability to use new weapons.
Enemy Meter. This is the enemy meter, which shows you the HP of the enemy you're shooting. If you are not shooting any enemies, and let it idle for a bit, a new meter will display, showing you the meter of how many enemies are left in a level. When it runs out, there will be no more random enemies.
Primary Weapon. This shows the current primary weapon your using. Unlike the secondary weapon, this cannot be changed in battle. You'll have to do it from your carrier.
Ammo. This is the amount of ammo you have for your weapon. When it runs out, you obviously cannot shoot it any more. All ammo for primary weapons regenerate, but for some you'll have to use up your entire stock before you reload.
Secondary Weapon. Displays what secondary weapon you are using.
Secondary Weapon ammo. Displays how much ammo you have left on your secondary weapon. This can only be refilled out of battle, or by picking up/using a bullet item. If it says No Limit, you obviously have unlimited ammo with the weapon.
This you. Hi you.

The following menu only appears when pressing start.

ARM. Shows what secondary weapons you have equipped. Not very useful.
Item. Probably what you opened the menu for. This allows you to use items like REP and AID to heal yourself, as well as useful items like BULLET.
An interesting menu, this allows you to give orders to your allies. There's too many to explain in depth here, so check the allies section for information.
A mini map of the area your in. Red dots are enemies, blue dots are items.