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The game opens with a comical cinematic where Basil falls out of a space craft piloted by Tel. You then gain control of Basil.


Find the alien. He gives you the RPG and jetpack.


Save the aliens' friends. To do so, wait for them to fall (or shoot them to make them fall), then touch them while they are in the air or in the water (it is easiest to wait until they are in the water so you have a full jetpack charge). You only have about 5 seconds to save them once they are in the water before pirahnas totally devour them. Run into the water after them, then use the jetpack to escape the pirahnas yourself. Save four aliens, one at a time, by taking them to the little island on the opposite side (the one with the wooden fence and the circle with a picutre of an alien on it in the middle).

?? save tel[edit]

Now that you've saved the aliens, save Tel. Head up the hill, kill all of the bad aliens one at a time. Use the RPG to kill them more quickly.

When you get to the top run up and touch the cockpit.


Now with Tel saved, you can order him around. Press Left Ctrl, then PC Mouse Left Click.png to have him target an enemy and attack it. He will charge after a targeted enemy. Press PC Mouse Right Click.png to send him to a specified point. Press 2 to have him regroup.