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How to play the game[edit]

On the screen, you have to be ready to press or strum the notes that is seen on the guitar moving platform with timing. Look out for notes that has to be hold on for a period of time so you can use the whammy. The star power after you successfully play the notes with stars correctly can bounce back on the meter. You need to play the star notes at least two times before the star power is ready. Play the star notes three more times for an extended star power limit.


This game is made for people who is new to this game or people who is hardcore to the series. Here are the basics in each difficulty.

  • Easy: If you choose this version, you'll be relegated to using green, red and yellow buttons. The blue and orange is excluded completely and it's designed for people new to this game.
  • Medium: This is similar to easy but the blue is included and the orange is still excluded completely. This is made for people who mastered the basics but is not ready for more advanced gameplay.
  • Hard: Hardcore experts that mastered the medium setting and is ready for a more advanced gameplay should choose this setting. It uses all buttons and requires knowledge to handle this difficulty.
  • Expert: Well if you're ready for the ultimate challenge then choose this setting. It uses all buttons like the hard setting and it requires not just knowledge but also fast reflexes for pulling off unbelievable solos and melodies. You should polish up your skills on hard before you choose this setting.


  • Face-off: Two players take turns during the song to achieve the best crowd level in the game. They can choose their own difficulty to satisfy their needs.
  • Pro Face-off: This is similar but they must be on the same level and can be tougher to achieve the crowd level to succeed.
  • Battle: This is like Face-off but this is a Mario Kart version of attacking each other. Also if they tied, sudden death ensues and only one person wins. The star power is replaced as weapon attack and can be saved up to three items.

Online Mode[edit]

All but PlayStation 2 should have this mode. Depending on the consoles, you get to experience all multiplayer games excluding single player career mode. Be sure to check the broadband service before you try this mode. If you have no-one who is willing to play on the offline multiplayer games then online is the best choice but if you have a PlayStation 2, you must have a brother, sister or friend to play the offline multiplayer games.

Boss Battles[edit]

  • General: Regardless of the difficulty you play in, your opponent will always miss notes when you fire any attack at him, even those that do not stop them from playing like Amp Overload or Double Notes. Therefore, attacking often is crucial to win. While you can stack up to three attacks at once, it's usually best to only throw more than one at once when you have a good combination, such as Double Notes followed by Whammy Break, which deplete the opposite Rock Meter very quickly. Keep in mind that Difficulty Up and Double Notes take effect only a couple of seconds after they are fired, so timing is essential to use them. Lastly, pay attention to the meter in the middle - the farther up it goes, the closer to the end of the song you are, and you'll get hit with Death Drain and lose.
  • What to do when you are attacked: Basically, concentrate. If you are already good enough with the game, Difficulty Up will not be a problem. Knowing certain parts of the songs also helps with Lefty Flip and Amp Overload, but in the latter case, since it only affects their visibility, pay close attention as the notes come so you can keep hitting them normally. Whammy and Broken String can be fixed quickly and, in lower difficulties, you hardly even need to bother with the latter if you are attacked during your part - play normally, then when your turn to play is over, get to fixing the broken fret button. Finally, while Double Notes does require extra dexterity to solo with chords, make sure you find a pattern when you see the doubled/tripled notes coming.
  • Tom Morello: The best strategy is collect certain powerups and if there still is any left prior to the Death Drain, unleash all of them! The Whammy and Lefty powerups work the best in this battle. Beat him, and he appears for buying in the store for 10,000 dollars. You are then asked to perform an encore song with Tom Morello. You have unlocked the song "Bulls on Parade".
  • Slash: The strategy is the same as Tom Morello but is more difficult. Remember the tips on the bottom to help you out if you're new to this. Once you beat him, you will play "Welcome to the Jungle" for an encore, with Slash accompanying you; he will also be available in the store.
  • Lou the Devil: The strategy is the same as Slash but is very difficult. You need knowledge and quick reflexes and try to find the best time to use the weapon items. Since the song is very long, you need to use the items very frequently. Ideally, you might be able to beat him during the Devil's part (he has some very long stretches of notes where power-ups like Whammy and Broken String can cause big damage), but you'll often find yourself getting as far as Johnny's part. Beating him sends you straight to the final part of the song ("Now Finish Him!"), and once that's over, Solo Career is beaten and Lou is available for purchase in the store.

Unlockable songs[edit]

  • Through the Fire and the Flames — DragonForce: Defeat the game at any difficulty. (see Lou the Devil).
  • Suck my Kiss — Red Hot Chili Peppers: Reach the Encore of the third tier.
  • Sabatoge — Beastie Boys: Reach the Encore of the first tier.
  • Reptillia — The Strokes: Reach the Encore of the second tier.
  • Monsters — Matchbook Romance: Reach the Encore of the sixth tier.
  • Helicopter — Bloc Party: Reach the Encore of the fifth tier.
  • Cities on Flame With Rock and Roll — Blue Oyster Cult: Reach the Encore of the fourth tier.

Game tips[edit]

Here is some helpful advice for both casual and hardcore players:

  • If you have extreme difficulty with a song, you should go into practice to learn about the melodies and the timing that goes along with it.
  • Whammying doesn't get you more points in the song but it does get you more starpower on sustained notes which are in starpower phases.
  • Star powers should be used to gain the most points in the song.
  • The weapon items should be used more frequently to better your opponent or the boss when playing Battle Mode. If you can get past the distraction of items thrown at you, you can use up to three items in one go to beat the opponent depending on which item you are using.
  • Wii owners playing the any difficulty mode should be mindful that it's hard to press two or three buttons at the same time. It is recommended to re-adjust your hands from time to time to do combinations of two or three buttons when using the Wii remote as opposed to the wireless guitar.
  • Instead of strumming just down, try strumming up and down to get the rhythm of the song. Use a combination of listening to the song for the rhythm, and look at the notes coming, and you will get used to the strumming in no time. This is called Alt-Strumming, and is an advanced technique.