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Hanjuku Hero
Box artwork for Hanjuku Hero.
Developer(s)Bits Laboratory
Release date(s)
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Wii Virtual Console
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3DS Virtual Console
Wii U Virtual Console
Genre(s)Strategy RPG
System(s)Famicom, Wii VC, 3DS VC, Wii U VC
Followed byHanjuku Hero: Aa, Sekaiyo Hanjukunare...!
SeriesHanjuku Hero
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This is the first game in the Hanjuku Hero series. For other games in the series see the Hanjuku Hero category.

Hanjuku Hero (半熟英雄? lit. soft boiled hero) is a real-time strategy RPG game developer by Bits Laboratory for the Famicom, and published by Squaresoft in Japan on December 2, 1988. It is the first game in a series that contains four other titles, including one spin-off game. The series is known for its humor, and is centered on Lord Almamoon, the protagonist who must save his country from danger in each game.

The goal is to raise troops and send them marching towards enemy locations, conquering any armies within and along the way. The game has a comedic edge to it, having plenty of examples of goofy humor in the midst of all the warfare. Battles take place automatically when two enemy forces meet: These battles are simply automated wars of attrition, with the side with the greater power usually emerging the victor.

Nintendo has released the game on several Virtual Console platforms. The game was only ever released in Japan. No translation, official or fan-translated, as ever been released.

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