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To even begin cooking, you'll need to buy a Kitchen from the Carpenter's House for a whopping 10,000G. Even if it's the most expensive thing in the game, if you can grab enough dough, it's definitely worth every penny. You can use mundane and semi-worthless ingredients to make new dishes, which recover more stamina, sell for more money, and often work as better gifts than what they're made from. Although having a kitchen increases your final happiness rating, you don't actually need one to complete any ending.

There are four appliances in your kitchen: Fridge, Frying Pan, Pot, and Oven. The fridge itself can only be used to store food items, but your inventory is so massive, you won't need it unless you hang on to a lot of different dishes. The other three utensils are used in cooking; each recipe only uses one.


Whenever Egg is listed as an ingredient, a Golden Egg can be used to replace it.

Italicized dishes can be sold. All annotated can be sold at the Cafe, though some can be sold at other shops as well.

Frying Pan
First Ingredient Second Ingredient Third Ingredient Dish
Egg N/A N/A Sunny-Side Up
Egg Milk (Any) N/A Plain Omelet
Egg Herb N/A Mixed Omelet
Egg Mushroom N/A
Egg Tomato N/A
Egg Corn N/A
Egg Breadfruit N/A
Egg Cheese N/A Cheese Omelet
Egg Special Cheese N/A Special Cheese Omelet
Egg Egg Tomato Vegetable Omelet
Egg Egg Very Berry Fruit Omelet
Egg Milk (Any) Breadfruit Pancake
Fish (Any) N/A N/A Fried Fish
Fish (L) Milk (Any) Herb Sauteed Fish with Cream
Soft Bread Tomato N/A Sandwich
Soft Bread Cheese N/A
Soft Bread Hard-Boiled Egg N/A

First Ingredient Second Ingredient Third Ingredient Dish
Milk (Any) Egg N/A Flan
Milk (Any) Egg Very Berry Fruit Flan
Milk (Any) Egg Blueberry
Milk (Any) Egg Cranberry
Milk (S) Egg Breadfruit Simple Cake
Milk (Any) Cheese Breadfruit Cheesecake
Milk (Any) Special Cheese Breadfruit Special Cheesecake
Honey Egg Breadfruit Honey Cake
Fish (Any?) Herb N/A Leaf-Grilled Fish

First Ingredient Second Ingredient Third Ingredient Dish
Egg N/A N/A Hard-Boiled Egg
Milk (S) N/A N/A Hot Milk
Milk (M) N/A N/A Yogurt
Milk (S) Milk (S) N/A
Milk (L) N/A N/A Cheese
Milk (M) Milk (M) N/A
Milk (S) Milk (S) Milk (S)
Milk (G) N/A N/A Special Cheese
Milk (Any) Mushroom N/A Mushroom Soup
Milk (Any) Potato {n/a}} Creamy Soup
Milk (Any) Tomato N/A Cream of Tomato Soup
Milk (Any) Corn N/A Cream of Corn Soup
Very Berry Very Berry Very Berry Very Berry Jam
Blueberry Blueberry Blueberry Blueberry Jam
Cranberry Cranberry Cranberry Cranberry Jam
Berry (Any) Berry (Any) N/A Mixed Berry Jam
Very Berry Blueberry Cranberry Mixed Berry Jam
Fish (Any) Tomato N/A Bouillabaisse