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All enemies are worth 100 points when destroyed, and turn into yellow gargoyle faces which can be collected and added to Gaou's supply of blocks.

Feudal Japan enemies[edit]

Snake Owl Fox
Hinotori FC Snake.png Hinotori FC Owl.png Hinotori FC Fox.png
The Snake will crawl along the ground in Satura's direction. It will stop giving chase if it hits a wall. The Owl travels through the air along a wave pattern. It will turn around if it hits a wall. A shrill cry can be heard when it appears. Foxes travel along the ground, always bouncing as they move. Their long shape makes them difficult targets.
Official Thief Coy
Hinotori FC Official.png Hinotori FC Thief.png Hinotori FC Coy.png
The local officials of the land are not kind to strangers. They pace back and forth, turning around before they fall over an edge. Although thieves normally run along the ground in whichever direction Satura is in, they will jump a certain height to overcome an obstacle. Coy like to jump out of the water in search of their next meal. They leap forward a short distance before falling back down into the water.

Future World enemies[edit]

Mecha Bee Mecha Pill Bug Ameoba
Hinotori FC Mecha Bee.png Hinotori FC Mecha Pill Bug.png Hinotori FC Ameoba.png
This bee like robot flies in a wide arc, but it advances more slowly than an owl. This is a mechanical version of a pill bug, complete with the ability to tuck itself into a ball. Ameobas move back and forth on platforms much like the Officials do, but they are low to the ground and hard to attack.
Meteorite Kruuk Quasail
Hinotori FC Meteorite.png Hinotori FC Kruuk.png Hinotori FC Quasail.png
It falls from the sky and rolls along the ground like a rolled up Mecha Pill Bug, but it does not follow Satura. This monster hand moves in a similar fashion to the fox, bouncing along the ground. However, since it is tall, it is easier to hit. This alien resembles a cross between a jellyfish and an octopus. It moves similarly to the Thief.
Hinotori FC Missile.png
These weapons travel along the screen until they line up with Satura, and then change direction to attack.

Prehistoric Times enemies[edit]

Archaeopteryx Turtle Anatosaurus
Hinotori FC Archaeopteryx.png Hinotori FC Turtle.png Hinotori FC Anatosaurus.png
These prehistoric birds fly in a similar manner to the owls from the feudal era of Japan. They cry as well when they appear. Turtles are very similar to Amoebas. They move like Officials, but they are low to the ground and hard to hit. These man sized dinosaurs bounce along the ground like foxes and Kruuks, and are easy to attack.
Tyrannosaurus Giant Ant
Hinotori FC Tyrannosaurus.png Hinotori FC Spider.png
These killer dinos move along the ground in search of their next meal. They will occasionally come to a stop and breath fire. A particular breed of giant ants can only be found in cold climates.

Enemy common to all periods[edit]

Evil Spirit
Hinotori FC Evil Spirit.png
These red demon faces are the only enemies which will appear in every time period that you visit. They travel straight across the screen from right to left, passing right through any object that lies in their path.

Inanimate objects[edit]

Rock Moai Meteor
Hinotori FC Rock.png Hinotori FC Moai.png Hinotori FC Meteor.png
Rocks only appear in the eighth stage of Feudal Japan. Moais appear in the first stage of Future World, traveling across the screen from right to left. Meteors are larger versions of the regular Meteorites, and will only appear in the second stage of Future World.
Log Icicle
Hinotori FC Log.png Hinotori FC Icicle.png
Logs will appear in the first stage of the Prehistoric Times. Icicles appear in the frozen regions of the third stage of Prehistoric Times. They can be difficult to spot.


Gargoyle Boss Rock Man Face Wheel
Hinotori FC Gargoyle Boss.png Hinotori FC Rock Man.png Hinotori FC Face Wheel.png
The boss of Feudal Japan Stage 1. The boss of Feudal Japan Stage 3. The boss of Feudal Japan Stage 4.
Hanya and Kooni Lightning God Face Wheel
Hinotori FC Hannya.png Hinotori FC Kooni.png Hinotori FC Lightning God.png Hinotori FC Mural.png
The boss of Feudal Japan Stage 5. The boss of Feudal Japan Stage 6. The boss of Feudal Japan Stage 7.
Byebull Hidden Sphere Super Computer
Hinotori FC Byebull.png Hinotori FC Hidden Sphere.png Hinotori FC Super Computer.png
The boss of Future World Stage 3. The boss of Future World Stage 4. The boss of Future World Stage 5.
Rukubu Dino Fossil Computer projectile
Hinotori FC Rukubu.png Hinotori FC Dino Fossil.png Hinotori FC Computer Ball.png
Defender of Byebull which hatches from an egg. The boss of Prehistoric Times Stage 2. Projectile of the Super Computer.