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This is a list of characters in the game.

Recurring Characters[edit]

  • James Bond (likeness of Pierce Brosnan)
  • M (likeness of Judi Dench)
  • Q (likeness of Desmond Llewelyn)

Raphael Drake[edit]

Owner of Phoenix International and villain in the game. He poses as a humanitarian and an avowed opponent of the use of nuclear weapons, but in reality he is hoarding dozens of nukes for his own future use. He tries to take over world by hijacking space defense platform and launching its arsenal of nuclear weapons against major NATO bases in an attempt to wipe out global security. He is killed in a space station by Bond, who shoots him with a Phoenix "Samurai" laser cannon. He is last seen floating dead into space.

Dominique Paradis[edit]

Dominique is a French DGSE agent and Bond's lover. Dominique is first met when Bond helps her shake off terrorists after her with the plan to bomb Paris during the New Year's celebration. Bond succeeds in saving Paradis. In Austria, she poses as Raphael Drake's mistress and helps Bond intercept the secret meeting between Alexander Mayhew and Drake with a key that unlocks the door to the balcony. Dominique is not seen until Bond escapes Mayhew's H.Q. and helps Bond escape. At her end, Drake apparently knew of her betrayal through the use of a hidden camera in the building's rooftop stairwell, and has Kiko carry her to an end of the heli-pad on Mayhew's headquarters. Paradis fights Kiko but Kiko kicks her off the heli-pad into Tokyo below. She is currently now deceased.

Makiko Hayashi[edit]

As Mayhew's personal female bodyguard, Makiko (or just "Kiko") is very skilled in martial arts and loyal to Alexander. She appears to be working with Bond, but her true allegiance is revealed when she surrenders him to Drake. She is responsible for Dominique Paradis' death, as she kicked her off of the Phoenix Building's heli-pad after she captured Bond at the Tokyo nuclear plant. Kiko is killed as Bond's rocket launches, she is unable to reach a blast chamber, and ends up getting vaporized.

Alura McCall[edit]

Alura is an ASIS agent who comes to Bond's aid in Tokyo and goes with him to Drake's island. She provides critical aid to Bond when he has to stop the nukes from launching off of the space defense platform.

Armitage Rook[edit]

Rook is the head of security for Raphael Drake, and like many previous henchmen, he has the abnormal ability to survive the most dangerous scenarios. He is first seen at a party in the French Alps hosted at Drake's chateau. When 007 and CIA agent Zoe Nightshade witness a secret meeting, Rook pursues them in a Mi-24 Hind helicopter which is subsequently shot down by Bond. Rook manages to survive and returns later at Drake's Phoenix Base, bearing a scarred face and armed with a state of the art 'Samurai' laser. Despite this advantage, he is killed by Bond himself in the space testing system when Bond uses much tougher weapons.

Zoe Nightshade[edit]

Zoe is a CIA agent who helps Bond in Drake's castle. Zoe is first seen in Nightfire when Bond sneaks into the library, where she also meets Dominique Paradis. After Paradis gives Bond the key to Drake's secret meeting, Zoe and Bond say words as of welcome but Zoe appears to be jealous of Bond and Paradis's relationship. She is captured under Rook's suspicion but seemingly escapes and helps Bond escape Drake's castle in a gondola above the French Alps. Bond defeats Rook in a brief fight with Drake's bodyguard in a helicopter and finds a garage with armored snowmobiles. After shaking off Drake's men, Zoe and Bond get into his Vanquish car and rush to rendezvous with Q. Zoe is not seen since. In Agent Under Fire, she is the main Bond girl.

Alexander Mayhew[edit]

Mayhew is in charge of the Phoenix International properties in Japan, and is very close to Drake. Bond tries to protect him from Drake himself after failing to protect the stolen missile guidance module back in Austria, but unfortunately he dies from a surprising attack by a Ninja. He was a traitor in Drake's Organization.