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Overall there are many weapons that the player can carry including grenades of various sorts and other types of explosives. In addition, there are numerous amounts of mounted weapons found throughout the game. To avoid copyright, names of the weapons were changed, which differed between the console and PC versions. Some weapons appear in the console version but not the PC version, and vice-versa.


  • Wolfram PP7: Walther PPK, Standard-issue 7.65mm handgun with a 7-round magazine. One of the most accurate weapons in the game. Alternate fire attaches a silencer to the gun. A golden version can be unlocked, doubling damage. Console version only.
  • Wolfram P2K: Walther P99, a 9mm handgun with a 16-round magazine, it is the main handgun in the PC version. It also has a silencer for alternate fire. This is one of your most important weapons for stealth missions A golden version can be unlocked in console version only, doubling damage again.
  • Kowloon Type 40: Glock 17, a 9mm sidearm carried by many henchmen. Has an 18-round capacity. Alternate fire activates a 3-round burst mode, sacrificing accuracy for a higher rate of fire in console. In the PC version, it can be shot fully automatic, and is quite accurate, but not too powerful. Can also be wielded akimbo in console multiplayer only.
  • Kowloon Type 80: Glock 18, a fully-automatic variant of the Kowloon Type 40. Console version only. Unlocked after beating the game, this variant fires full-auto only.
  • Raptor Magnum: Desert Eagle. In the console version, there are two variants: a .357 Magnum variant with a laser sight and 9-round capacity, or a .50 AE variant with a 7-round capacity, but larger firepower. Activating the laser sight sacrifices rate of fire for greater accuracy. In the PC version, it has a 9-round capacity of .50 caliber bullets with almost ridiculous stopping power.
  • Golden Gun: A single-shot handgun with incredible accuracy and power. Anyone struck by its golden bullet will instantly die. Console version only, only in Multiplayer.

Submachine guns[edit]

  • Storm M32/Storm M9-32: Ruger MP9. A 9mm fully automatic machine pistol with a 32-round magazine. While the Storm can fire rapidly, it suffers from poor accuracy and damage.
  • Deutsche M9K: Heckler & Koch MP5K. A 9mm submachine gun with a 21-round magazine. It's more accurate and powerful than the Storm, but it has a lower ammo capacity and rate of fire, limited to 3-round bursts. Alternate fire attaches a silencer. Console version only.
  • Suisse SG5 Commando: This weapon has a sizeable clip, but is not very accurate. Yakuzas carry this rather effective weapon. It has a laser sight, and alternate fire consists of a scope with 3-round bursts. Use this if you can get a clear shot of an enemy's head. In console version, a silenced but unscoped version is available.
  • Munitions Belga PDW90: It has a large clip, large rate of fire, and great accuracy. In the island levels, the commandos carry them, so watch out.


  • Winter Tactical/Covert Sniper Rifle: [Accuracy International AWM. A bolt-action sniper rifle, has a 5-round capacity and a scope. Fires .300 sniper rounds. A silenced Covert version is available in the console version. Extended magazine of 10 rounds available. The sniper rifle is very powerful, and a body shot will kill most enemies.
  • Advanced Individual Munitions System AIMS-20 (XM29 OICW: Console version only. A dual-purpose experimental weapon. Primary fire is a rifle firing 5.56mm rounds in 3-round bursts from a 30-round magazine. Secondary fire is a semi-automatic 20mm grenade launcher loading from a 6-round magazine. A thermal scope may be used for more accurate targeting.


  • Flashbang Grenade: Temporarily blinds enemies for a few seconds, disabling their vision/hearing. It's useful if you need to rescue hostages or if you need a quick getaway. Just be careful not to blind yourself.
  • Fragmentation Grenade: Basic explosive grenade. Has a large splash damage radius. It isn't as useful as in other shooters, because the throwing and the timer is quite long. Use only if you need to clear out a room.
  • Smoke Grenade: Produces a cloud of smoke that upsets enemy aim and cloaks movement Console version only.
  • Satchel Charges: A timed plastic explosive that can be stuck to any surface. Console version only.
  • Remote Mines: A small anti-personnel device that sticks to any surface. Switch to alternate fire to select the detonator; this will trigger any mines you have planted. Console version only
  • Laser Tripmine: Similar to Satchel Charges, but is a laser-activated bomb that explodes when someone crosses its beam.
  • Militek Mark 6 grenade launcher: Milkor MGL. Drum-fed weapon firing high-explosive grenades on an arcing trajectory. Alternate mode sets grenades on a timer without an arc.
  • AT-420 Sentinel/AT-600 Scorpion Heatseek: M202 FLASH. The Sentinel can be fired unguided or camera-guided, but camera-guided is hard to aim and not very good overall. It can hold 4 missiles. Alternate mode allows manual guiding of a single missile to a target. The Scorpion exists only in the console version and fires heatseeking rockets rather than guided rockets.


  • Frinesi Auto 12 Shotgun (Franchi SPAS-12. A 12-Gauge combat shotgun with an 8-round magazine. Primary fire cycles shells with a pump action. Alternate automatic mode is faster firing, but increases shot spread.)
  • Korsakov K5/Seamaster UP44 (Heckler & Koch P11. A multi-barreled pistol with a 5-round capacity. Fires a powerful sedative-laced dart capable of tranquilizing an opponent. It's also the only firearm that can be fired underwater.)
  • Phoenix Samurai Laser Rifle (Futuristic laser weapon.) Experimental Phoenix weapon that must cool down if it overheats. Primary fire launches single laser beams. Secondary fire activates Overcharge mode, which causes massive damage but instantly overheats the weapon.
  • Delta Repeater Crossbow (A pump-action sniper crossbow with a 3-round capacity and a scope. Bolts arc over distance, making aiming difficult. Console version only.)
  • Phoenix International X6 Annihilator (Resembles a magazine-fed gatling gun - PC version only.)
  • Oddjob's Hat- When Oddjob is selected as the player character in console multiplayer, Oddjob's hat is available for use as a weapon. The hat kills any enemy in one hit, locks on to an enemy, but it has a very slow rate of fire.


  • Car Key Stunner - Discharges high voltage electrical current that temporarily knocks out opponents. Disguised as a car key.
  • Laser Watch - Used to quietly open padlocks and other locking mechanisms.
  • Cell Phone Grappler - Fires a hook with a high-tension wire attached that, if it hits a proper target, will pull the player toward the target.
  • PDA Decryptor - A sophisticated micro-computer used to hack electronic locking mechanisms, such as keypads, elevator controls, etc.
  • Lighter Camera - A miniature camera disguised as a cigarette lighter.
  • Q-Worm - A small CD-ROM concealed inside a credit card that installs viral code that allows MI6 to retrieve data from foreign computer systems.
  • Q-Specs - Q's glasses which can be used in one of three modes; light-amplification (night vision), x-ray or thermal.
  • Dart-shooting pen - Used as a non-lethal means of neutralizing enemies. In multiplayer in the PC version, instantly kills anyone who is hit. Also great for subdueing enemies silently without getting noticed easily.
  • Magnetic Grapples - Magnetic handholds and footholds, used to climb metal surfaces. Best for stealth infiltration. PC only.
  • Shaver - A remotely detonated flashbang grenade disguised as a shaver. Console only.
  • Phoenix Ronin (A rapid-fire gatling cannon inside a briefcase that can be used as a sentry to protect an area.)