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To advance to the next stage, you need a score of 350 points or higher. When you complete the song, you go to the "Judgment Screen" where five characters will give you up to 100 points each. They all seem to have different criteria, and you need to average 70 points from each. (That's what the center gauge is for.) Remember, that's an average – if one judge gives you a 50 and another gives you a 100, that would be 75 from each. Each judge who gives you a 70 or higher even does a little dance if you pass the stage. And if you lose, you can choose to try it again. Left dpad is "yes", Right dpad is "no". After you win, there's a yes or no screen that asks if you want to save your progress or high score if you got one. Pick "yes" on the left.


Pressing the right buttons the right number of times is more important than keeping the rhythm exactly right. If your button-presses don't line up with the example, do not try to go faster to catch up! You might still get points if you keep the rhythm you have, even though your timing was wrong. On the other hand, if your timing is right but you miss a button, do not throw off your rhythm just to fit it in – you'll usually get a good result if you didn't miss more than one of the notes. Timing is starting to press the buttons on the correct beat, Rhythm is keeping that beat.

At the end of each line, you'll get a "Wow" or "Boo". This seems to have little to do with your final score, but if the gauge on the left goes down all the way to "Boo" and stays there too long, the song will end prematurely. You can get several Boo's on a song and still score a 90+ average at the end, so don't worry about a few slips here and there.

When Adlib Time begins, start pressing as many buttons as you can as quickly as you can. Choosing the fifth song in versus mode and use the Adlib Time in there to see what works and what doesn't.

All your high-scores appear on the Load screen if you're saving after each round like you should.


There are six stages, and cut-scenes before each one. You'll get to see the cut-scenes when you pick the stage from the load menu, and can press Start to skip them. Briefly, the stages are:

  1. Getting ready for school with your mother's help.
  2. A rude classmate teaches you self-defense.
  3. Learning to be a better art student by painting a cow.
  4. Singing karaoke with your elders.
  5. Getting "Funky and Soulful" with a fast-food employee.
  6. Live on stage with your idol, Mr. Chorking.
  7. A bonus stage.

On the first two stages, the character will sing a full line, and then you will. Starting on Stage Three, the guide will sometimes sing two lines. In the last stage, there are even some half-lines. Keep an eye on the "Next: :)" thing to the right above the music lines to avoid being caught off-guard.

Of course, the best advice of all is to keep tapping your foot and practicing. You can even stand up and dance while playing – you might be surprised how much it can help!


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The mother character seems to like it when you follow directions exactly. Mr. Chorking likes to see you go wild on the Adlibs.


Except for "Rock'n Ecology" and "Jazz Round Up", all of these songs are audio tracks on the CD. Tracks 2–8 are the songs listed here, and 9–14 are tracks from training and versus modes. As always, never play track 1 on a normal CD player if you can't afford to replace the speakers.

Stage Song title
Intro Rock'n Ecology
Stage 1 Let's Go Vaniller
Stage 2 Shall We Kalmen?
Stage 3 Samba de Oekaki
Stage 4 日本海のレゲエ節 (Nihonkai no Reggae Bushi)
Stage 5 Soul Moc(donald)
Cut Scene Jazz Round Up
Stage 6 Love & Laughin'
Bonus Stage Rock'n Dreamin'