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Airport Troubles[edit]

This mission is given near the Panau International Airport, and is available after the Free Trade mission. For this mission, a hacker known as "Little Guy" was arrested by the government, and will turn over codes and passwords in exchange for a trip to North Korea.

The first part of the mission requires you to approach the hanger and kill the pilot. Random guards are normally encountered on the way to the hanger. When the pilot is killed, pickup his PDA.

Little Guy is now marked as a destination, about 800m away, with the plane parked on the tarmac waiting for you to arrive. There's two guards with rocket launchers. Hijack the plane and take off. When you start your approach to the drop-off point, Little Guy will give you the passwords and data, completing the mission. You may then land or jump from the plane as you wish, there's no change in either case.

Reward: 7500 Chaos, $17500, 1 weapon part, 1 vehicle part.

Nothing to Declare[edit]

This mission is given at the south of the Panau International Airport, after completion of Free Trade. The sole objective is to kill a traitor.

The problem is that the traitor is flees when you approach within 350m, where he starts his escape in a helicopter. If you have a vehicle, you could catch up and grapple onto the helicopter and hijack it to throw him to the ground. If you didn't reach him, you can still use the UH-10 Chippewa to persue him, but the mission will fail if he reaches Panau city to the west.

Reward: 5000 Chaos, $10000, 1 weapon part, 1 vehicle part.