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  • Neutral lstick: Move Kameo; Aim projectile
  • L button: Toggle map on/off
  • Neutral dpad: Adjust camera distance (up/down); Navigate menus
  • Neutral rstick: Rotate and pitch camera
  • R button: Enter/Exit first-person view
  • A button: Action (context sensitive); Morph back to Kameo; Scroll text; Confirm menu option
    • A button is context sensitive and its function will change depending on the situation.
  • B button/X button/Y button: Morph into Warriors (hold down for Warrior Wheel)
  • LT button/RT button: Character specific attacks and abilities
  • Back button: Access Options menu; Resume game
  • Start button: Check Wotnot Book; Resume game
  • LB button/RB button: No function