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This game uses the Nunchuk button attachment.


Control Action
Neutral nunchuk Neutral dpad Make selection, change setting
A button Enter selection
B button Cancel/return to previous step, moves cursor to "No"

Normal areas[edit]

This is where the bulk of the game is played, and you will move Jack around on foot in these areas. At the bottom left corner of the screen is you mini-map and your DeathWatch Challenge icon, if applicable. If there is a BloodBath Challenge, its name will display in the upper right corner of the screen. In the middle of the right side of the screen, you'll see your Kill Rating and Points you've accumulated. Finally, your score, Vitality and Chainsaw Gauges, and any remaining continues will be in the lower right corner of the screen.

Different items and weapons will be scattered around the area, and they can be picked up with Up dpad when the "Pick up" command appears on the screen. To activate a device, stand close to it until the "Activate" command appears, then press A button.

To use the lock-on, stand near an enemy or enemies and hold C button until the lock-on marker appears over the closest enemy. When this happens, the camera will align behind you to put the enemy in the center of your field of vision. You will maintain lock-on until you grab the enemy, he dies, or you release C button.

Control Action
Neutral nunchuk Movement, double-tap to run
C button Reset camera
Hold C button Activate/deactivate lock-on
Z button Jump
Swing Nunchuk button Dodge (backflip)
A button Attack, use devices
Hold A button Grab enemy/object
Hold B button Use chainsaw
Swing Remote button (horizontal) Reverse punch
Swing Remote button (vertical) Uppercut
Up dpad Pickup weapon/item
Down dpad Taunt
Left dpad Right dpad Equip/unequip weapon
Minus button Pause


Your main attacks consist of pressing A button and swinging Remote button. You can repeatedly hit A button for punch combos of up to four hits, and can press Up nunchuk+A button during a combo for straight punches. Certain objects can be picked up and used as weapons by pressing and holding A button when the "Lift" command appears next to them. You can then swing Remote button to bash enemies with the item or release A button to let go of the object.

To use the chainsaw to attack enemies, hold B button or jump and hold B button for even more damage. As you use the chainsaw, your Chainsaw Gauge in the bottom right corner of the screen will be depleted. When not using the chainsaw, the gauge will slowly fill back up.

Control Action
A button while running Shoulder charge
Z button+A button Jump attack
Swing Nunchuk button+A button Counter punch

While grabbing[edit]

Hold A button while near an enemy to grab them by the collar and release the button to let them go. You can drag them around while grabbing, but eventually they will shake you off. Stronger enemies won't be as easy to grab. If you grab an enemy who is on the ground (but not dead), you will automatically slam them back into the ground. When you are near certain environmental hazards, follow the on-screen directions to shake Remote button in the indicated direction to interact with the object.

Control Action
Swing Remote button (horizontal) Over-the-shoulder throw
Swing Remote button (vertical) Side throw
Flick Nunchuk button forward Headbutt

Finishing blows[edit]

When enemies are one hit away from dying, a "Finish" icon will appear and you will be able to perform a finishing blow.

Control Action
B button (A button against bosses) Normal finishing blow (chainsaw)
Hold A button, swirl Remote button, release A button Giant Swing (standing enemy)
Hold A button, swing Remote button repeatedly Ragdoll Slam (enemy on ground)

Bike areas[edit]

In bike areas you will ride your motorcycle for certain distances or until a gate appears. During the race you can defeat enemies by attacking them from the sides or ramming into them from behind twice, which will send their vehicles spinning out of control. When swinging Remote button and Nunchuk button, the action will be different depending on which area you are in.

The on-screen displays are the same as normal with two exceptions. In the bottom left corner of the screen, the minimap is replaced by your speedometer, and the Chainsaw Gauge is replaced by the Dash Gauge. Like the Chainsaw Gauge, your Dash Gauge will empty as you use it, and will slowly refill when not in use.

Control Action
Neutral nunchuk Steering
A button Accelerate
B button Brake
Z button Dash
Swing Remote button Right arm attack (chainsaw), 360° turn attack
Swing Nunchuk button Left arm attack (throw), 180° turn attack
Minus button Pause