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Magical Drop III
Box artwork for Magical Drop III.
Japanese title マジカルドロップ3
Developer(s) Data East
Publisher(s) Data East
Release date(s) 1997
Genre(s) Puzzle
System(s) Neo Geo
Players 1-2
Mode(s) Single player, multiplayer
Preceded by Magical Drop II
Series Magical Drop
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Magical Drop III (known in Japan as Magic Drop 3 (マジカルドロップ3 Majikaru Doroppu Suri?)) is the third and last Magical Drop for Neo Geo. It features more characters and patterns while keeping most of the gameplay from the previous version.

The game features three gametypes: the survival mode in which the player must clear the most ballons like in Tetris; the challenge mode against the computer or an other player and the magical journey with timed short games.

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