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Villages[edit | edit source]

50% of original size. Click to enlarge.

All the villages in the kingdom of Mandragore are the same.

Your main goal is to amass the money required to purchase a boat (use the Read command to learn the price).

Note that medicine is 8 times more convenient than food:

Actions — items Money spent Life points
Barter & absorb — 25 food 50 +25
Buy & eat — 2 medicines 50 +200

Castle of mount Roak[edit | edit source]

25% of original size. Click to enlarge.
Rooms 27
Loot 203 silver coins
(casket, chest, liquors, armour, quiver)
Life +60 (jar, chicken)
Score 826 exp.

Hint[edit | edit source]

Talk to all the Zodiac signs; sort what they say and get a sentence in English (or in French). Notice the "secret room" in the map.


Open or break the cupboard in the westmost room. Take the master inside it and lay it in the "secret room" at the center of the castle.

First letter of the stanza: T