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Blazing Shroob Location: Thwomp Caverns HP: 95

Bob-omb Location: Gritzy Desert HP: 40

Boo Location: Bowser's Castle HP: 15

Boo Guy Location: Toadwood Forest HP: 17

Boom Guy Location: Bowser's Castle HP: 18

Bully Location: Yoob's Belly HP: 44

Coconutter Location: Yoshi's Island HP: 50

Dark Boo Location: Gritzy Caves HP: 45

Dr. Shroob Location: Vim Factory HP: 45

Dry Bones Location: Yoob's Belly HP: 40

Elasto-Piranha Location: Toadwood Forest HP: 35

Elite Boom Guy Location: Gritzy Caves HP: 80

Fly Guy Location: Star Hill, Star Shrine HP: 100

Ghoul Guy Location: Peach's Castle HP: 160

Gnarantula Location: Yoshi's Island HP: 30

Gold Koopeleon Location: Thwomp Caverns HP: 10

Goomba Location: Bowser's Castle HP: 10

Guardian Shroob Location: Shroob Mother Ship HP: 80

Handfake Location: Star Hill, Star Shrine HP: 135

Intern Shroob Location: Peach's Castle HP: 145

Junior Shrooboid Location: Peach's Castle HP: 13

Koopeleon Location: Toadwood Forest HP: 18

Lakitufo Location: Vim Factory HP: 36

Lethal Bob-omb Location: Peach's Castle HP: 60

Love Bubble Location: Toad Town, Star Hill HP: 90

Pidgit Location: Yoshi's Island HP: 35

Piranha Planet Location: Star Shrine HP: 140

Pokey Location: Gritzy Desert HP: 55

RC Shroober Location: Yoob's Belly HP: 75

Red Coconutter Location: Thwomp Volcano HP: 85

Shroid Location: Toad Town HP: 105

Shroob Location: Hollijolli Village HP: 15

Shroob Rex Location: Peach's Castle HP: 200

Shrooba Diver Location: Gritzy Desert HP: 75

Shrooblet Location: Hollijolli Village HP: 7

Shroobsworth Location: Peach's Castle HP: 160

Skellokey Location: Toad Town, Star Shrine HP: 80

Snifaro Location: Gritzy Caves HP: 80

Snoozorb Location: Peach's Castle HP: 150

Soul Bubble Location: Peach's Castle HP: 100

Spiny Shroopa Location: Vim Factory HP: 16

Tanoomba Location: Thwomp Volcano HP: 90

Tashrooba Location: Peach's Castle HP: 140

Thwack Location: Thwomp Fortress HP: 60

Thwack Totem Location: Thwomp Caverns HP: 110

Wonder Thwack Location: Star Shrine HP: 55