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The Mini-Game House is a location in Mushroom Village. Here, the player is able to purchase mini-games they encounter during regular party gameplay. Once purchased, the player can play these mini-games at any time. The mini-games range from 50 to 500 coins, though mini-games that have not been purchased can still be played by spending 10 coins for a trial run.

Once the player purchases 30 mini-games, the Gameball machine becomes available for use in the Mushroom Shop, where the player can spend coins to obtain a random mini-game. If the player purchased the Mecha Fly Guy from the Mushroom Shop, it can be interacted with here.

The Pot o' Skills can also be accessed here. Upon looking into the pot, the player will be brought to Mini-Game Stadium. Gameplay occurs on a star-shaped board and operates much like the regular party mode, except there are no Stars to collect and the winner is determined solely by the coins they have. Blue and red spaces do not give or take coins, instead primarily being used to determine what mini-game is played, though Koopa Troopa still hands out a bonus if he is reached. The No Koopa item does not work here.