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No sports game would be complete without a tournament, the main single player competition. This is important for unlocking courts and characters. A tournament works in a tree-like format, beginning at the roots, and playing your way to the top. In the standard singles setup for this game, you start with eight people. Once you win the first round it is reduced to four. Win again, and you're in the final match, of two players. Win one more to become the champion. In doubles tournaments, you are automatically paired with another character, depending on who you choose, and play the same number of matches. However, there are less computer opponents on the other sides of the draw. In the basic single player mode, the first two matches are two game, one set matches, and the final is a three set match. But, if you play enough, you'll unlock longer and harder tournaments.

Mushroom Cup[edit]

This is the easiest of all tournaments. As always, you and seven other computer players (nine in doubles, two per team, and you are paired with one) will compete to reach the top of the tree.

Note: You will be offered the chance to save after each round. Always do so. It can be helpful if you need to leave the game just as you begin the next match. Unlike earlier games such as Mario Golf, the file is not deleted when you load it, so you can load it again as many times as you like.