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Robot Master Weapon obtained Trajectory Buttons
Wave Man Water Wave Along the ground -
Star Man Star Crash Shield; wide shot Press B twice to shot
Gravity Man Gravity Hold Full-screen -
Gyro Man Gyro Attack Remote controlled Press Up or Down to change direction
Crystal Man Crystal Eye Split & bounce -
Napalm Man Napalm Bomb Downwards -
Stone Man Power Stone Spiral -
Charge Man Charge Kick Body attack Press Dow+B to use
(n/a) Beat Homing -

Power Stone - Get from defeating Stone Man. Launches an orbiting shield of rocks around Mega Man. However, it is difficult to aim with, so it isn't practical to use in most situations.

Charge Kick - Get from defeating Charge Man. By sliding, Mega Man will unleash a deadly blade at the tip of his feet that will rip through targets. Very useful for getting through weaker foes.

Water Wave - Get from defeating Wave Man. Sends a big wave along the ground in front of you. Useful against those tough ground-based foes.

Star Barrier - Get from defeating Star Man. The obligatory orbital shield weapon. It pretty much functions like all other similar weapons from previous games. Good for protection from weaker enemies.

Gravity Hold - Get from defeating Gravity Man. Fires a flash that reverses gravity, causing enemies to "fall" away into the sky. Note that you may have to use it more than once for stronger foes.

Gyro Blade - Get from defeating Gyro Man. Fires a helicopter blade-like projectile. It goes straight, but the direction can be changed once by pushing Up dpad or Down dpad.

Crystal Eye - Get from defeating Crystal Man. Fires a blue, gem-like projectile. If it hits the wall, it splits into four smaller projectiles. Quite useful.

Napalm Bomb - Get from defeating Napalm Man. Mega Man throws a small bouncing bomb in front of him.

Beat - Get by getting all of the Beat letters in the eight robot master stages. A small robotic bird appears to attack the competition.


Rush Coil - You start with this. Rush springboards himself vertically, allowing you to jump off at the peak, and reach great heights.

Rush Jet - Get from defeating Gyro Man. Identical to its Mega Man 4 counterpart. Useful for traversing large chasms that would otherwise be tough or impossible to get through.

Super Arrow - Get from defeating Star Man. Fires an arrow-like projectile. It has a suction cup and can stick to walls, which can be climbed. However, since using one and making it travel a large distance drains all the energy extremely fast, this is largely a useless item. It can, however, be put to good use in close quarters where you need to do some climbing.