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Mega Man X6
Box artwork for Mega Man X6.
Japanese titleロックマンX6
Release date(s)
PlayStation icon.png PlayStation
Windows icon.png Windows
Genre(s)Action, Platform
System(s)Windows, PlayStation
ESRB: ESRB E.png Everyone
Preceded byMega Man X5
Followed byMega Man X7
SeriesMega Man X
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Mega Man X6 (ロックマンX6 Rokkuman X6?, Rockman X6) is a platformer developed by Capcom. It is the sixth main entry in the Mega Man X series. The game was first released on the PlayStation in Japan on November 29, 2001 and was later made available in both North America and Europe.

Prominent series artist and producer Keiji Inafune was not involved in the game's production, as he had intended the fifth installment in the series to be the last with Zero's death. Critically, Mega Man X6 has received mixed to positive reviews. The game was released for Windows in different parts of Asia in 2002 and 2003. It was also re-released in 2006 as part of the North American Mega Man X Collection for the GameCube and PS2.


The plot of Mega Man X6 takes place during the 22nd century where humans and intelligent robots called "Reploids" live together. The game follows shortly after the events of Mega Man X5 in which planet Earth was devastated by an attack by the "Maverick" leader Sigma and the protagonist Zero sacrificed his own life to save it. As the world recovers, a Maverick known only as the "Zero Nightmare" has begun spreading chaos. Zero's comrade Mega Man X, curious of its name, seeks out this new threat. Like past games in the series, Mega Man X6 is an action-platformer in which the player tackles a series of stages and adds the unique weapon of each boss to X's arsenal.

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