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Ah yes, the proverbial intro stage, which should be familiar to most of those who have played any Mega Man game.

To start off with, you should have Model X equipped for this stage, since you don't have much of a choice...or do you? You can switch to your Humanoid form (X button, push left or right to select a form, then press A to switch) if you want to and are confident in your jumping skills, since while Humanoid Vent/Aile won't be attacked by certain Mechaniloids (shown by such enemies having parts which normally glow red glow green instead). Be warned, however, that you will still take damage just by touching them, and since this is still the beginning of the game, your health won't be enough to sustain you if you happen to be poor at timing your jumps, especially because you won't have the help of Model X's dash (L button) to give you the extra "oomph" in your jump height.

Anyway, continuing on (and assuming that you choose to stick with Model X), this shouldn't be that hard of a stage. It's straightforward, and there's nothing really tricky about the progression. In fact, it's rather difficult to even give suggestions other than the ones already outlined above, so just get hopping until you reach the boss.

Boss: Giant Snake Mechaniloid[edit]

This is the first boss of the entire game; as such it should be simple for anybody to defeat. The weak point is its head; almost every time it finishes up an attack it'll stop long enough to drop a ton of damage into it. Double charge shot has no problem taking the guy down.

  1. The snake will fire a set of four rotating orbs. Avoid these. The easiest way to do so is to keep to the far side of the room. As it fires, dash towards the snake, then it will fire a second orb at you so dash back.
  • The snake will move back, then strike the ground with it's tail, releasing rocks of varying size from the ceiling. Stay away from where it went off the screen. When it whips its tail down, jump. The rocks are easy to dodge, so just move left or right a bit, dash, or charge up a shot to destroy them.
  • The snake will slither to the other side of the room. Dash towards the boss and hope that you end up under that small space between its body and the ground.

After defeating the snake, you can collect its data to the right of the gate. Go inside for a cutscene and a transerver.