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There are 3 different modes of play (not including Multiplayer mode) you can choose from in Metroid Prime Hunters: First Hunt:


In Regulator, you have 10 minutes to complete a level based in what appears to be a laboratory of some sort. Like Metroid games of times before, you'll find yourself surrounded by enemies out to kill you. The end of the level features a boss battle with a Samus 'clone'.


Survivor mode throws you into a large room where you must defeat never-ending waves of enemies. You simply have to kill these enemies to increase your score and as a result, survive. Enemies will constantly regenerate after a few moments, and you repeat the process all over.

Morph Ball[edit]

In Morph Ball mode, you must traverse a specially built course and collect blue balls while staying in Morph Ball mode. The blue balls create a path that you must follow all the way to the end of the course.