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Statistics explanations[edit]

  • Might is the measure of a character's strength. If a characters is especially high, they will inflict greater damage in combat using hand-held weapons.
  • Intellect is the sum of a character's general knowledge. Sorcerers will get more spell points if their Intellect stat is high.
  • Personality is the combination or a character's mental strength and personal appeal. High Personality will bestow higher spell points on a Cleric.
  • Endurance describes a character's stamina. A character will acquire more hit points (the amount of damage they can take before becoming unconscious) through training if their Endurance is high.
  • Speed is the indicator of a character's quickness and agility; characters will have better armor class if this statistic is high. Speed also determines who will hit first in combat, with the fastest characters or monsters first and the slowest attacking last.
  • Accuracy measures a character's chance to successfuly land a blow in combat. This applies to weapon combat only, not spells used in combat.
  • Luck is a roll of the dice. It gives a character a chance to succeed when all else has failed. It is also unpredictable.


A character can belong to one of eight classes. Each class has at least on Prime Statistic which a character must equal or exceed to be a member of that class. All classes other than Knights or Barbarians also have special skills or abilities.


  • Prime Statistic: Might, 13 or Higher
  • Hit Points Gained Per Experience Level: 1-12
  • Special Skills: None

Knights are the workhorses of the world of Cron. They have no special abilities, but are still versatile since they have very few armor or weapon restrictions. All they do is fight, and they are better at it than anyone else.

Knights begin with the best all-round fighting skills of any class, and gain multiple hit points per round as they advance in level. They can use any kind of armor and any weapon, as long as it isn't of the opposite alignment.


  • Prime Statistic: Might, Personality and Endurance all 13 or Higher
  • Hit Points Gained Per Experience Level: 1-10
  • Special Skills: Clerical spells (gained at higher levels)

Paladins are natural Crusaders, although they do not begin with that skill and must acquire it like everyone else. Their pious was allow them to cast Clerical spells at higher levels. Paladins acquire spells the same way Clerics do, either at temples or while adventuring.

A Paladin's fighting skills are generally equal to an Archer's although they are not as adept with missile weapons. Otherwise, a Paladin can use any weapon or wear any armor that is not of the opposite alignment nor designed especially for another class.


  • Prime Statistic: Intellect and Accuracy, both 13 or Higher
  • Hit Points Gained Per Experience Level: 1-10
  • Special Skills: Sorcerer spells (gained at higher levels)

Archers are the most specialized or Cron's warriors. They are deadly with missile weapons, bows in particular. The powers of concentration they develop while practicing their speciality, plus the keenness of their Intellect, give them the ability to cast Sorcerer spells at high levels. Archers gain spells the same way Sorcerers do, at magic guilds or while adventuring.

An Archer can use any weapon that is not of the opposite alignment nor designed specifically for another class. Archers are restricted to chain mail or lighter armor and may never be equipped with a shield.


  • Prime Statistic: Intellect, 13 or Higher
  • Hit Points Gained Per Experience Level: 1-6
  • Special Skills: Sorcerer spells

Sorcerers are more versatile spell casters then are Clerics. While Clerics usually do little more with the forces of nature than to manipulate them, Sorcerers can call those forces into being, although on a limited scale.

Sorcerers have stringent restrictions when it comes to armor and weapons; padded armor is the only kind they may wear, they may never carry a shield, and their weapons are limited to clubs, whips, pipes, stave, knives and daggers.


  • Prime Statistic: Luck, 13 or Higher
  • Hit Points Gained Per Experience Level: 1-8
  • Special Skills: Pick locks, find traps, and backstab

Robbers have an undeservedly shady reputation in Cron. There are those who are intolerant enough to hold the fact that they make their life living through thievery against them. However, their ability to pick locks and disarm traps makes it difficult for any party to thrive without a Robber in their midst.

Robbers' armor is restricted to chain mail or lighter although they may carry a shield. Weapons they can wield include slings, crossbows, all one-handed weapons, such as short swords and daggers. To compensate for their limitations in weapon choice, Robbers can try to backstab for extra damage on the first attack in any combat. Otherwise, their fighting ability is equivalent to a Paladin's. Robbers also have highly developed abilities to pick locks and disarm traps; any character can attempt to perform these tasks, but only Robbers have a real chance of doing so successfuly.


  • Prime Statistic: All, 13 or Higher
  • Hit Points Gained Per Experience Level: 1-8
  • Special Skills: Pick locks, find traps, backstab, and assassinate

Ninja are specialized Robbers, having thieving abilities to a lesser degree, plus the dreaded ability to assassinate their opponents.

Ninja may wear only ring mail or lighter armor and they may never carry a shield. They can use most one-handed weapons, but only those specifically designed for Ninja. Their selection of two-handed weapons is limited to stave and naginata. Ninja have the same skills Robbers have, plus the ability to assassinate. A Ninja's first attack in any combat will be an attempt to assassinate their opponent; if this is successful, the opponent will die immediately.


  • Prime Statistic: Endurance, 15 or Higher
  • Hit Points Gained Per Experience Level: 1-12
  • Special Skills: None

Barbarians begin with the greatest number of hit points, and because of their high Endurance, usually gain more hit points faster that members of any other class. Only chain mail or lighter armor is permissible for Barbarians, although they can carry most shields. They can use most hand-held weapons, other than swords, but their choice of missile weapons is limited to blowpipes and slings.