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Course selection codes[edit]

While on the course selection screen press and hold the following buttons to enable different modes. When performed correctly, text appears at the bottom of the screen to indicate the successful activation of the code.

Code Text Description
Hold Select button, press Left dpad Slip Changes the physics of the tracks.
Hold Select button, press Right dpad Time After the race, presents the winning time.
Hold Select button, press II button Rich Start the game with %50,000.

Music select[edit]

While the game is paused, hold Select button and press I button or II button to access the different racing music from the game. When you unpause the game, the music that you chose will continue to play.

Music test[edit]

At the name entry screen, enter either the name MUSIC or the name ART88, and you will be taken to a music selection menu.

Track Select (Japanese version only)[edit]

On the introduction screen, where cars are shown racing, press and hold the following buttons, and press Run button to access the various race tracks that are presented by default in the North American version:

Code Effect
Down dpad+II button Alternative Brazil Goiania Course
Down dpad+I button Alternative USA Laguna Seca Course
Up dpad+II button Brazil Goiania Course
Select button+I button Suburb Course
I button+II button Trap Course
Up dpad+I button USA Laguna Seca Course