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If you're expecting a simulation or real life basketball game, you chose the wrong guide. This is an arcade take on basketball in which they sort of throw the rule book out. It's a 2 on 2 team fun filled of slam dunking and setting the ball on fire.

  • As a trademark, you'll always get American basketball players around the US. You will not get team players around the world but it will be a surprise if you unlock extras like aliens and people who are out of place.
  • Take Jam Camp to master the basics of controlling your player in learning how to slam dunk with style.
  • Unlock everything through Jam Challenge to experience the joy of basketball with ridiculous powers.
  • Play Remix Tour to enjoy the extreme nature of power ups you can use to win the game. Don't forget to try the Boss Battle.
  • Even though cheating is bad, there's nothing wrong about it here as it's an important part of its legacy.