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The following is the controls for the GameCube version of the game.

GameCube Controls[edit]

  • Steer: Neutral control or Neutral dpad
  • Throttle: R button
  • Brake/Reverse: L button
  • Shift Up: Y button
  • Shift Down: X button
  • Handbrake: A button
  • Nitrous: B button
  • Reset: Z button
  • Pause: Start button

Menu Controls[edit]

  • Highlight Menu Item: Up control/Down control or Up dpad/Down dpad
  • Change Highlighted Item: Left control/Right control or Left dpad/Right dpad
  • Select/Go to Next Screen: A button
  • Cancel/Return to Previous Screen: B button
  • Help: Z button

Note: This is the default configuration. For more configurations, go to options and then go to controls.