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Seasonal Events[edit]


Each spring is considered the start of a new year. As such, each daimyo’s age goes up by one year, and their health decreases by one point. If a daimyo reaches a considerably high age and is of poor health, he may die as a result of natural causes.


The fall is a time for collecting taxes and harvesting rice. Any debt that you carry is automatically paid back at this time. In addition, the men in your army are paid wages of gold and rice. If your taxes and output are too low, you may wind up with no net revenue to make improvements.

Natural Disasters[edit]


The summer heat can bring on the formations of Typhoons. If you do not maintain the quality of your dams, flooding will damage the town and destroy some of your crops, causing your output value to fall.


At any time of the year, a plague may break out and spread throughout your fief. Plagues will kill off a portion of the men in your army, causing their numbers to decrease. Your daimyo may also fall victim to illness if his health is low. If he is of considerable age, he may die from this event, so use at least one turn to rest and restore some of your lost health.


Military Revolt[edit]

Your army’s morale is a measure of how dedicated they are to your cause. If morale drops too low, some of your soldiers may revolt and attack you. If this happens in a fief that you control but do not reside in, the computer handles the defense of your fief and reports the outcome; however, if the revolt occurs in the fief that your daimyo occupies, you will be taken to the battle screen and must regain control of the fief from the revolt.

Army morale will decrease when you lose battles, run away, or recruit new soldiers. Giving rice and gold to your men will improve morale.

Peasant Uprising[edit]

The loyalty value is a measure of how happy the peasants are with your leadership. If loyalty becomes too low, the peasants may rise up against you. When this occurs, you will be given the opportunity to quell the uprising by giving up all of the gold in that fief’s possession. If you choose not to do this, you will be taken to the battle screen, and must defend control of the fief from the peasants. Peasant loyalty decreases whenever taxes are raised, or they are forced to grow too much rice. Lowering taxes and giving rice and gold to peasants are ways to improve their loyalty, as well as increase their wealth.


If a daimyo is killed by ninjas or dies of natural causes, all of the daimyos in neighboring fiefs will be given the opportunity to bid for control of the fief at the end of a season. If you are a neighbor, you will be asked if you wish to bid. If you do, you can bid as much of the gold that you possess as you like. Depending on who else is bidding and how much gold they possess, you may either outbid the other daimyos or be outbid by one of them. You get only one chance to bid, so if you absolutely want the fief in question, bid as much as you have.