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For this next story arc, you'll be introduced to a new eccentric character Yusuke who likes painting, a third-year high schooler and Madarame's pupil. Unlike "The Animation", the story takes a while to start but putting aside side quests this is how the story goes.

Memento Intro[edit | edit source]

After their celebration in taking victory, the adults, including a mysterious politician surrounded by men in suits got the group riled up. So, Morgana has a solution, but they have to be near the subway entrance to make it work. The difference between palaces and memento is how big the targets desires are. Of course, if you already have unlocked content, you can make Morgana van design more interesting. Of course, you'll be driving for now, with simply the left stick, on consoles or letters on a keyboard.

Memento levels can vary and the deeper the level, the tougher the enemies will be hard to beat. Make sure to use your third sense to see how tough the enemies are. And if you own the Royal version, you'll later meet Jose who loves flowers and petals. Simply too things: you use petals scattered in each level to buy items and petals to increase experience and money value. Including how many items you can carry once you meet Jose in any random level.

Most importantly, the items you collect will be useful in creating lockpicks and other items depending on Morgana confidents. Anyway, continuing on. Make sure you check the requests before you go into Memento. Morgana will tell you which level, the important target is. Anyway, the first one is hurting his girlfriend. After you defeat him, he'll reveal that he's master Madarame's pupil before his dark side disappeared.

Yusuke who?[edit | edit source]

Ann gets the feeling that she's being followed. So, they set the trap up and it turns out to be Yusuke who wants to make a painting of Ann! Anyway, his uncle in the car called Yusuke. So, he gave all three tickets to the art museum. To keep it short, after the fiasco, the internet Phan-site reveals that Madarame has been plagiarising pupil's paintings for his own gain. But Yusuke doesn't know that yet. The next day, they go to Madarame's house to meet the two again. After a brief moment with the painting of Yusuke mother on his phone, the group left before the keywords revealed that he has a palace. The correct answer is "Museum".