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Don't get the wrong idea. This is not just some typical Dynasty Warriors hack and slash game. This is more of an action rpg game. You'll no longer just take turns battling from Persona 5 and Royal. You'll instead get to fight the most outrageous villains, a trademark from the Persona series. Not only that, but you also need to solve the mystery with the EMMA app and how Japan is totally affected when people's desires get distorted that turns good people into evil.

It's showtime![edit]

Get to hear the voices, watch anime cutscenes and enjoy it in either English or Japanese. Learn to use Personas, pass the baton and enjoy all the characters unique style of action! Take on requests and increase the bond of all characters.


As the game progresses, the difficulty gets harder. It would be wise to get enough yen to buy more powerful weapons and armor. Not doing so could land you in hot water! It wouldn't be fun if you get taken down by such powerful foes. You may also need it to protect Fatuba as she hacks to open doors.

Nothing to do?![edit]

If you're exhausted and frustrated, how about watching the behind the scenes with the Japanese developers. Check the DLC to learn more behind this game, if you have what it takes to download something special.