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This game is unplayable. While game features will be described on this page, actual gameplay assistance will not be supplied. This game is covered here for historical reference.

Peter Rabbit and the Magic Carrot
Publisher(s)C.P.S. Games
Year released1982
System(s)Atari 8-bit, Sinclair ZX Spectrum
SeriesPeter Rabbit
Genre(s)Text adventure
ModesSingle player
LinksPeter Rabbit and the Magic Carrot ChannelSearchSearch

Peter Rabbit and the Magic Carrot is a text adventure game for the Sinclair ZX Spectrum and Atari 8-bit family that was published by C.P.S. Games in 1982. This game has been lost, and so information regarding the game is not documented on the internet.

The game requires 16K of memory, which means it would run on any Atari 8-bit system and any Sinclair ZX Spectrum (both system families had a minimum of 16K memory).


"Peter Rabbit goes on a quest for the magic carrot. It is rumoured that any rabbit taking one bite of that carrot gets an extra twenty years of life.
Peter has to go through the big forest, meets nice (and not so nice) friends, deals with a dwarf, gets help from old man oak, etc... Will he get to the cave and find the magic carrot?"