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Sinclair ZX Spectrum
The logo for Sinclair ZX Spectrum.
The console image for Sinclair ZX Spectrum.
ManufacturerSinclair Research
Total Games432 (304 present)
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The Sinclair ZX Spectrum was a home computer released in the United Kingdom by Sinclair Research in 1982. While originally called the "ZX81 Colour" and "ZX82" during development, the system was renamed the ZX Spectrum in order to promote its colour display, which was a significant upgrade from its black and white predecessor, the ZX81. It proved immensely popular in various incarnations over the years and remains the most successful British computer ever made.

  • Spectrum 16K/48K: Released in 1982
  • Spectrum+: Released in 1984
  • Spectrum 128: Released in 1985
  • Spectrum +2/+2A: Released in 1987, 1988
  • Spectrum +3: Released in 1988

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