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level 01[edit]

To complete the level 01 you must kill all zombies with peashooter.

  • This level is used only as a very simple tutorial.
  • Drag the plants for the horizontal patch of grass.
  • The plants will attack the zombies until you finish the level.
  • Each peashooter costs 100 suns.
  • Finish the level to win a new plant: Sunflower.

level 02[edit]

With a new plant, zombies do not stand a chance! There is also the addition of two horizontal lines.

  • Is a sunflower plant that generates suns.
  • Every 24 seconds a new sun can be caught.
  • Try putting 3-5 sunflowers on each level.
  • sunflowers leftmost place not to be eaten.
  • Complete the level to gain another plant: Cherry Bomb

level 03[edit]

Blow the zombies with a Cherry Bomb! There's a new zombie to be detonated!

  • Cherry bomb blows up the zombies in small area of ​​three horizontal lines.
  • Save it for the end of the level.
  • The new zombie is not very difficult to kill. Only two peashooters can detonate it.
  • If you are having problems, plant more sunflowers.
  • Finish the level to a new plant: Wall Nut

level 04[edit]

A defense can be helpful. Wall Nut is a barrier to the zombies.

  • Wall Nut costs only 50 suns, but this plant is slowly recharges.
  • His defense is great to withstand zombies.
  • You can defeat the zombies more easily while they are eating Wall Nut.
  • New two horizontal lines are added.
  • Finish the level to win an item: Shovel

level 05[edit]

A mini game of bowling! Wall Nut is your ball.

  • Conehead Zombie takes 2 hits to be destroyed while a common zombie takes only 1 hit.
  • There Nut Red Wall, which explode as Cherry Bomb.
  • You can only bring Wall Nut before the red line.
  • Do not let the zombies eat your brain.
  • Finish the level to a new plant: potato mine

level 06[edit]

Explode is your duty! Beware heels.

  • Potato Mine costs only 25 suns and is very useful to gain time and join suns.
  • Potato Mine takes a few seconds to climb on the surface.
  • Potato Mine defeat any zombie instantly.
  • The new zombie uses a pole to jump plants.
  • It takes 17 normal shots to die.
  • Finishing the level you will earn a plant: Snow Pea