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PlayStation 2[edit]


  • Press Neutral dpad to browse or cycle through the different options.
  • Press Cross button to go to the next screen, or change the current option.
  • Within the submenu, press Triangle button to return to the previous screen.


  • Square button: Attack
  • Cross button: Action (jump, roll, eject)
  • Triangle button: Secondary weapon (attack), grab
  • Circle button: Pick up weapon; throw weapon; climb down
  • L1 button: Rewind (hold); slow motion (tap)
  • R1 button: Special action (run on wall, push/pull, swing on bar, drink water), block (in combat mode)
  • L2 button: Alternate view (landscape camera)
  • R2 button: Look (first-person camera)
  • R3 button: Reset camera
  • Neutral lstick: Move the Prince
  • Neutral rstick: Move camera
  • Start button: Pause/menu
  • Select button: Map

PlayStation Portable[edit]

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Control Action
A Move Left
S Move Down
D Move Right
W Move Up
PC Mouse Left Click.png Primary Weapon (Sword)
PC Mouse Right Click.png Wall Run/Swing on poles/Push/Pull
E Secondary Weapon
Shift Walk (Stealth)
Space Roll/Jump/Dodge/Mount columns
F First-Person Camera
Q Landscape Camera


Control Action
Neutral lstick Move player
Neutral rstick Move camera
X button Attack
A button Action(jump,roll,eject)
Y button Secondary weapon attack
B button Pick up weapon,throw weapon,climb down
LT button Rewind(hold);slow motion(tap)
RT button Special action(run on wall,push/pull,swing on bar,drink water);block(in combat)
Black button Alternate view(Landscape camera)
White button Look(first person camera)
Start button Pause/menu
Back button Map