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When the game starts, Professor Pac-Man will be seated at the desk at the top of the screen, displaying the number of questions he has asked so far (including bonus questions), and the players' scores are shown in the blackboards, standing on either side of him. As with the buttons on the control panel, the first player's blackboard is on the right side of the monitor, while the blackboard of the second player (if there is one) will be on the left side. A "fruit" symbol and a number are displayed next to each player's blackboard - the number indicates the amount of lives that player has remaining, and the "fruit" symbol shows the difficulty level that player has reached in the game. Below Professor Pac-Man and the blackboards is a row of pellets showing the score for the current question; once a question has been asked, the original Pac-Man character will appear on the left side of the monitor and start eating the pellets from left to right. When the question is answered, he will stop eating the pellets; his position shows the score the player will receive if it was answered correctly. However, if the question was answered incorrectly, he will continue to eat the pellets until the question is answered correctly or he eats the last dot - which is the "time-up point". The maximum amount of points that can be gained from a single question is 900, and the minimum is 1. As the game progresses in difficulty, the amount of time it takes Pac-Man to eat all the pellets gets shorter and shorter until, at the highest level of difficulty, he eats them all in about three seconds. Once the Professor has asked 99 questions, the game will warp back to Question 1 and continue.