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Professor Pac-Man title screen.jpg

Once you have inserted your coin(s) into the cabinet of Bally Midway's 1983 quiz arcade game, Professor Pac-Man, and pressed either Start Button, the original Pac-Man will appear in the top-right corner of the screen in his anthropomorphic form (but he is wearing white gloves and blue boots, rather than his official orange gloves and red boots) and walk to the left as the texts "ANSWER QUESTIONS WITH BUTTONS", "FASTER RESPONSES RECEIVE HIGHER SCORES", "CORRECT BONUS ANSWER ADDS FRUIT", and "WRONG ANSWER SUBTRACTS FRUIT" are seen beneath him; once he has reached the left side of the screen, he will remove his body from his limbs and drop it as they disappear, leaving him in his normal form as the text "GET READY TO ANSWER QUESTIONS" appears below him. Professor Pac-Man himself will then appear at the top of the screen behind a desk (which has a number on it displaying how many questions he has asked so far, including bonus ones), and the players' scores will get shown in the blackboards on either side of him (as with the Answer Buttons on the cabinet's control panel, the first player's is on the right side of the monitor, while that of the second player, if there is one, will be on the left side of it) - and a fruit (which starts as a pair of cherries) will also be displayed next to both players' blackboards, with a number indicating their current amount of fruits above it. Beneath Professor Pac-Man's desk and the blackboard(s) is a row of pellets showing the score for the current question; once it has been asked, Pac-Man will reappear on the left side of the monitor and start eating the pellets from left to right. When the question gets answered, Pac-Man will stop eating the pellets - and the remaining ones represent the score that the player will receive if it was answered correctly. However, if it was answered incorrectly (indicated by the text "TRY AGAIN"), he shall continue to eat the pellets until the question is answered correctly, it is answered incorrectly a second time (indicated by the text "INCORRECT"), or he eats the final pellet and "dies" (indicated by the text "TIME UP"); if it was answered correctly the text "WELL DONE PUPIL ONE/TWO!" shall appear on the screen with the answering player's score for that question, their number of correct answers so far, and the text of "GET READY TO TRY AGAIN!" below it (but if it was answered incorrectly, the text "SORRY!" shall appear on the screen with the text "GET READY TO TRY AGAIN!" below it). The maximum amount of points that may be gained from a single question is 900, and the minimum is 0 - and after either player has answered a certain amount of questions correctly in succession (without being interrupted by the other player), they will receive a bonus question (which is worth twice the usual point value, an additional fruit and an advancement to the next difficulty level if answered correctly). For each bonus question a player answers correctly, their fruit will advance to a strawberry, followed by an orange, an apple, a bunch of grapes, a bunch of bananas, a pretzel, a hamburger, a pizza slice, a doughnut, a pie slice, an icecream, a bell, a Galboss, a key, a dollar sign, and finally a heart; as the difficulty levels increase, the amount of time it takes Pac-Man to eat all the pellets gets shorter until, at the highest level of difficulty, he eats them all in about three seconds. After every thirtieth question the number of consecutive questions that the players will have to answer correctly to receive a bonus one gets increased by two, and after every ninety-ninth one the number on Professor Pac-Man's desk shall roll over to 1 and the game will continue (after a player has answered 100 questions correctly their number of correctly-answered questions will also roll over to 0) - and once either player has inevitably lost their last fruit, the game will end for them (in a two-player game, the other player will continue from that point as if it was a one-player game, in that they shall have two chances to answer each question). Once the other player inevitably also loses their last fruit, either (or both) of the players will have to enter their initials on the game's high score table (if either, or both, of their scores were high enough) by pushing the "A" and "C" buttons to select the letters and the "B" button to confirm them; once they have done so, the text "GAME OVER" will appear on the screen as a silhouetted Professor Pac-Man waves goodbye and the sun sets in the background (the game shall then go back into attract mode).