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Project Gotham Racing Mobile
Box artwork for Project Gotham Racing Mobile.
Developer(s)Glu Mobile
Publisher(s)Glu Mobile
Release date(s)
SeriesProject Gotham Racing
TwitchProject Gotham Racing Mobile Channel

Project Gotham Racing Mobile was developed by Glu Mobile and became the fourth game in PGR series, despite it not being one of the main numbered games. It is loosely like Project Gotham Racing 3 on the Xbox 360 and in fact was released just over a year after the release of PGR3. The game features a total of five cities, seven licensed cars, and many different game modes. The game also features online leaderboards and ghost downloads, although there is no multiplayer play, offline or online. Despite it doing well amongst sales and reception, there are no future plans for a sequel.

It's not just about coming first, it's about doing it with style. Earn medals to unlock new championships, and credits to buy new cars. Drive with style and speed to earn kudos. Each type of event has unique requirements for winning a medal.

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