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There are nine tracks in PGRM, and these are split into five cities. Like Project Gotham Racing 3 the game has courses in London, but the other four cities, some of which appeared in earlier PGR's, are Cairo, Paris, San Francisco and Shanghai. All have very different surroundings and therefore the tracks and landscapes look a lot different too. Here is a brief summary of all the tracks.

Hyde Park Corner, London[edit]

It's a very murky day and so there won't be much light around Hyde Park, but this won't stop you from racing! You'll go under a tunnel at first but afterwards they'll be some of the famous London red telephone boxes that need to be avoided. You'll also see the London Bridge which is a great straight to pick up speed, and you'll come right round and go across the Tower of London too. None of the corners are very hard though and most are just long curving bends.

Regent's Park, London[edit]

Another London track and it's still rainy. You'll be seeing the same things as you saw in Hyde Park Corner, like the bridges and the red telephone boxes. But you'll also be seeing more of the park area and less of the London skyscrapers and buildings. The track is a lot wider in some places though and they make it excellent for braking and earning some Kudos. There are no real tough corners here too.