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Course 1: Sunset Coastline[edit]

Rad Racer Course 1.png

In your introductory race, you will be driving along side Volkswagen Beetles that drive pretty fast, so you don't have to worry about flipping if you rear-end them. This course teaches you about the basics of what you can expect from future courses.

Leg Time added Description
1 45 The first leg starts with a long straight shot, which will allow you to accelerate all the way up to 255 km/h before you reach the first turn. This turn starts at a slight degree before becoming a sharp turn. Be sure to brake before you head into it. After another straight-away, the road will begin to curve again. The first curve is sharper than the rest, but be sure to bring your speed down through the S turns until you get through to another straight shot to the end of the leg.
2 51 The leg starts with a slight left turn followed by a slight right turn, and then it straightens out. After that, you'll drive through a long slow left turn. At the conclusion of the turn, you'll be on a long straight drive uphill which will limit your view down the road. It will break into a left turn, before becoming a gradual right turn, into the end of the leg.
3 42 The sky will darken as you go into nightfall. The beginning of this leg is fairly straight, with two slight bends to the right that shouldn't require you to slow down much in order to stay on the road. This is followed by a sudden sharp turn to the left, in which you will have to brake significantly to avoid being thrown off the road. It will straighten out on to the end of the leg, where you can accelerate to 255 km/h
4 48 You can continue flying down the course until the sun rises and you begin to see the left turn signs, then slow down. You enter into an S turn that straightens out in the end before going into a sharp left turn. The course will then zig zag along sharper S turns until the very end when you drive across the finish line.

Course 2: San Francisco Highway[edit]

Rad Racer Course 2.png

Don't get distracted by the pretty night lights in the background. Focus on the road up ahead and any Corvettes that are approaching you. Don't be surprised to find three of them lining up to block your progress. Wait for one of them to pull ahead and break out of the pack.

Leg Time added Description
1 45 You'll start out straight, but you won't have a chance to reach your maximum speed before you reach a sharp right turn. After it ends, you'll enter a long slight left turn, which increases to a sharp left turn before straightening out. Be prepared for another sharp left turn after that.
2 51 Once again, you'll go straight for quite a while before you encounter a sharp left turn. After the turn straightens out, the road bends left once more, first slightly, then sharply, then slightly again before bending slightly to the right. Then it's straight once more for a very long time, allowing you to crank the car to maximum speed.
3 37 As you continue to drive, you will be able to sustain a high speed as long as you don't interfere with the cars ahead of you too much. Be prepared for the long sharp left turn that you eventually reach. After it straightens out, it shifts to a long sharp right turn, into the end of the leg.
4 61 You are given a lot of time to complete this long leg so don't push your speed too hard. The course continues to bend to the right as you start this leg, followed immediately by a sharp left turn, then into another sharp right turn. It straightens out as you climb a hill. After a slight right turn, the road straightens before going into an extremely long left turn. You'll have to keep your speed around 170 km/h in order to stay in control of your car. This turn leads you directly into the finish line.

Course 3: Grand Canyon[edit]

Rad Racer Course 3.png

Most of the turns are packed into the beginning and end of this course, allowing you to drive fairly fast through the two middle legs. You'll encounter Citreons along this stage. You will have to start watching out for particularly slow Citreons that may cause your car to flip if you crash into the back of them. Slow down if you approach them too quickly.

Leg Time added Description
1 45 Build up speed as you shoot off the starting line. By the time you reach max speed, you'll have to prepare for a left turn. Once the turns start, they will continue to alternate left and right, while growing in length and sharpness each time. After the sixth turn, the road will straighten out for a very long trip to the end of the leg.
2 50 Bring yourself down from top speed as you prepare to enter the long right turn. After the right turn ends, you will enter an equally long left turn before the road straightens out. It stays this way until the end of the leg, so your only worry is dodging other cars.
3 53 You continue along the straight-away as you enter this leg, before entering a sharp S turn, bearing right first. It is followed back to back by another S turn. After that, you will enter a turn bearing right, which sharpens towards the end, just before you reach the end of the leg.
4 50 Like the previous legs, this one will start out straight before switching to the right turn. This right turn won't be too sharp, but it's very long, so keep your speed down in order to change lanes and avoid getting boxed out by other cars. You'll switch to a slight left turn before switching back to another right turn. At the end of the right turn, it's a short straight trip to the end of the course.

Course 4: Ruins of Athens[edit]

Rad Racer Course 4.png

You finally get to tour a European destination by viewing the ruins of Athens off in the distance. You'll be doing so along with a group of tourists, each riding a Mercedes Benz. This is the first course which requires that you drive near-perfectly in order to possess enough time to reach the finish line. You won't get enough time from the third leg alone to make it.

Leg Time added Description
1 45 As usual, accelerate with Turbo off the start, but stop around 200 km/h before you head into a left turn. This left turn is the start of the constant back to back S turns that characterize this leg of the course. Keep your speed between 170 and 180, and watch out for the other cars that you try to pass. Don't collide with them from the side and get knocked off the road, or you'll surely crash.
2 48 This leg starts out with a long straight section, followed by a long lazy turn to the left. After some distance, the turn will sharpen, forcing you to bring your speed down further to avoid sliding off the road. Then it will straighten out.
3 38 This leg starts with a long straight shot that will allow you to reach maximum speed. In order to keep your timer up, it is recommended that you drive as fast as possible through this stretch, and then brake shortly before the left turn. The road will straighten before sending you into an S turn, starting off to the right. Out of the turn, you end up on another long straight stretch before the end of the leg.
4 61 Even with 61 seconds on the clock, you will find it hard to finish unless you carry more time into this leg with you. You won't be warned about a slight left turn off the start of the leg, and the turn will sharpen, twice in fact. Bring your speed down as you hit both sharp sections. The left turn continues for a long time before the road straightens. Hit maximum speed through this section, dodging cars that approach. Prepare for the next left turn by slowing down when you see the turn signs. The left turn will become a long right turn, followed by one more short left turn before leading into the finish.

Course 5: Los Angeles Night Way[edit]

Rad Racer Course 5.png

Not only are you back in the United States, and not only are you back in California, but you are back on a densely populated highway at night time. Not only will this course significantly ramp up the curvature of the road, but you will be pitted against other drivers in Lamborghini. Some drivers like to change lanes frequently, while others drive very slow and create crashing hazards.

Leg Time added Description
1 45 Enjoy the long straight stretch off the start line as it is the longest you will get to enjoy throughout the course. You will easily be able to reach top speed, but remember to put on the brakes before you enter the first long left turn. It will snake back to the right. Although it never truly straighten out until you reach the leg end, you can safely bring your speed up.
2 48 Get ready for some snaky roads… Bring your speed below 190 as you enter the first turn. Taking it any faster than that will risk sliding off the road. Through the consecutive S turns, you should be fine by keeping your speed between 160 and 180. Then you only need to worry about the other drivers. The road will straighten out briefly in the middle before beginning to turn again.
3 52 At first, this leg won't seem very different from the previous leg. However, more turns are thrown at you, and they are of a different quality. The turns of the first half are rather long and not too sharp. The turns in the second half are much shorter, but change more rapidly. Focus on keeping your wheels from screeching off the road too much, and watch out for the cars ahead of you.
4 42 This leg starts immediately with a short left turn into a rather long straight shot. Bring your speed up until you begin to see turn signs. You'll go into a short left turn, followed by more straight road. The final turn will be a short right turn, which will straighten out and lead to the finish line.

Course 6: Snow White Line[edit]

Rad Racer Course 6.png

You will now have the opportunity to drive along a snowy pass, presumably along the Rocky Mountains. You will be driving along side Lotus Esprit cars. Unlike other racing games where you might worry about your tire's grip on the road in a snowy climate, you don't have to worry about slipping here any more than usual. Just keep your eye on your speed and be ready for fast adjustments to turns in the road.

Leg Time added Description
1 45 You won't reach full speed before you hit the first left turn in the road. After it straightens out, you will have a little time to build more speed, but be prepared for a fast right turn that starts with little warning. The remainder of the leg involves this long lazy turn to the right. You can take it at a fairly high speed, but watch out for the cars up ahead.
2 43 The second leg will make you feel like you're back in Los Angeles. It will be rather twisty, switching back and forth between left turns and right turns with no straight road in between. Keep your speed moderate as you shift back and forth along the road, just fast enough to keep you from sliding off the course.
3 43 You will almost immediately enter into a fairly sharp right turn, so be prepared to slow down before it begins. It is followed by a long left turn that starts out mild before it sharpens considerably. The road will straighten out for a considerable time until the end of the leg, with a slight right turn thrown into the middle.
4 38 This is a short leg, but none of the turns it contains are very steep. After going straight, it starts with a left turn followed by a slight right turn, which is followed by a sharper right turn. This second right turn lasts for quite a while before straightening out again. After the straight period, there is one final right turn which deposits you directly at the finish line.

Course 7: Seaway In Typhoon[edit]

Rad Racer Course 7.png

Porsches are driven by your opponents in this course. Nature is out in full effect as you drive along a coastline during severe weather. Use all the skills you've learned so far to keep you on the road during this penultimate course.

Leg Time added Description
1 45 Even as the signs indicate an approaching right turn, the road will bear slightly to the left. The road then straightens out before beginning to snake back and forth a number of times. Most of the turns that follow are fairly sharp and don't allow you to build much speed through the course. You won't have a lot of room for error as you try to beat the clock to the end of the leg. Try not to get blocked by opposing vehicles.
2 46 By the time you start this leg, the sky will have become dark and gray. This leg is rather similar to the previous leg, with considerably sharp turns. Turns also occur quite rapidly with one turn's signs being shown to you even before the previous turn begins. Watch out for the cars that you catch up to, and be sure to slip safely ahead of them.
3 31 After going straight for a while, this leg of the course contains a short left turn followed by a considerably long right turn. The sky will lighten up as you take these turns. The course straightens out briefly before turning left again. This short turn is followed by one more short right turn. Then the road leads straight to the end of the leg, traveling uphill for a time which will obstruct your view ahead.
4 62 You still have a long way to go, but you are given a considerable amount of time to complete the course in. This leg of the course seems to be composed of a never ending sequence of left and right turns. Don't panic, just keep your speed under control and take each turn patiently. And don't get into to too many collisions with competing drivers. Let them get a little ahead of you if necessary, you should have plenty of time as long as you don't crash.

Course 8: Last Seaside Running[edit]

Rad Racer Course 8.png

You've made it to the final course of the game. Expect to be tested. You need to perform this course as close to flawlessly in order to have any hopes of winning and seeing the ending. And don't expect the drivers driving Testarossas to show you any mercy either. They come in large numbers, but this can actually work to your advantage. They appear so regularly that they typically occupy all three lanes. This means that they will rarely have the opportunity to change lanes and cut you off.

Leg Time added Description
1 45 From the start, build up some speed before heading into the first left turn. After the long turn, the road will briefly bend to the right before bending back sharply to the left. The road will begin to snake back and forth, with a preference to the left. Cars will pack the lanes, but you will not have to worry about them changing lanes with much frequency.
2 48 By the time you start this leg, the sky will have become dark and gray. This leg is rather similar to the previous leg, with considerably sharp turns. Turns also occur quite rapidly with one turn's signs being shown to you even before the previous turn begins. Watch out for the cars that you catch up to, and be sure to slip safely ahead of them. If you don't move quickly enough, you may find yourself drifting to the leg end marker.
3 48 Although this leg isn't particularly straight, it is considerably straighter than the previous leg which gives you an opportunity to build up a good amount of speed to gain some additional time for the final leg, which you're going to need. Don't forget to hit the brakes and bring your car back under control when you're about to take a turn. The turns in this leg aren't very sharp, but they come up pretty fast, so be prepared.
4 42 In this last leg of the game, you'll start out going straight before hitting an S turn that starts out going to the left. After the turns, you are back on a straightaway for a good while, so bring your speed up. It's easy to miss the right turn signs that appear as they blend in with the background, but be prepared to slow down as you enter it. One more S turn will take you out of the final straightaway and into the finish line.