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Throughout the game you can collect trophies. There are 15 of these; 9 character trophies and 6 others. Character trophies are found in various places on various different planets, usually in places you'd expect Titanium Bolts to be in.

The other 6 are obtained for accomplishing various feats, outlined below.

Character Trophies[edit]

  • Ratchet: Ratchet's trophy is the first you'll come across; it's on Florana. Although it's easy to spot, it's far away and in a seemingly unreachable building. However, when you enter the building (where you fight the tribesmen with Inferno Mode) there's a room on the other side of the ladder, filled with boxes. Destroy these and then carefully jump across the ledges around the outside of the building, until you reach the trophy.
  • Clank: Clank's trophy is at Holostar Studios. When you go up the lift by the weapon vendor that you activated with the Hacker, jump up onto the ledges sticking out at the top (you'll have to look for these). On them is the trophy.
  • Captain Qwark: Qwark's trophy is guessed it...Qwark's Hideout. When you're inside just before the bit where you play as Clank in the underground caverns, it's in one of the weird hut things to the right. Check them until you find it.
  • Dr. Nefarious: Nefarious' trophy is probably the easiest one to spot, but it's at the Crash Site on Zeldrin. This makes it a pain to get actually get, since the whole level is packed out with enemies. Wait until you've finished them all off (this will take a while), and then boost jump up to the ledge and grab it.
  • Skrunch: Skrunch the Monkey's trophy is on Metropolis. In the second large building you go inside, smash the window and check the balcony on your right. There's the trophy, but make sure you've killed off any nearby enemies or getting to this will be a pain.
  • Lawrence: Lawrence's trophy is on Mylon. In the section with lots of large metal crates with a door at the end which needs hacking. Instead of hacking the door, look behind you at the very last silo (the 4th silo) & climb the ladder to get your trophy. It's relatively near the end of the level (if you go through the hacked door you will miss the trophy).
  • The Plumber: The Plumber's trophy (he's so good he gets a trophy!) is on Daxx. When you do the section of the level to get the Charge Boots, don't jump straight out the building to the vendor; instead, jump to the balcony around the edge of this building. The trophy is here (you can see it from the weapons vendor).
  • Courtney Gears: Courtney's trophy is on Koros. It's in a small building to the left of the large pile of metal boxes you climb to reach the bit with the four weird buildings. Although you can reach the building anyway, try not to smash the glass platform, otherwise getting the trophy (and the Titanium Bolt nearby) will be a lot more difficult.
  • Al: Al's trophy is on Tyhrranosis. During the part of the level where you're destroying the four giant plasma turrets, it's in the section that leads to the one to the left (not the leftmost one that you can drive straight to). When you go up a jump slot, turn around and you'll see Al's trophy on a platform. Then simply jump to it (you might miss it the first time).

Other Trophies[edit]

  • Titanium Bolt Collector: You get this trophy automatically when you've collected all Titanium Bolts.
  • Skill Hunter: You get this trophy for getting all 30 Skill Points.
  • Omega Arsenal: You get this trophy for getting every single weapon in the game up to V8 (Omega) apart from the RY3NO, which needs to be at V5 (RYNOCIRATOR). This trophy is only available in Challenge Mode.
  • Nano Finder: Perhaps the easiest of these trophies to get, you obtain this one when your nanotech (health) maxes out at 200 (which you can only reach in Challenge Mode).
  • Annihilation Nation Champion: You get this trophy for doing every single challenge (including the Qwarktastic Battle) at Annihilation Nation.
  • Friend of the Rangers: You get this trophy for completing every single Galactic Rangers mission (including the ones you don't have to do).

The last two of these trophies are worth getting first-time-through because it saves you time in Challenge Mode, and they net you useful items and a lot of bolts.

Insomniac Gallery[edit]

On the Starship Phoenix, coming off the Trophy Room you will notice another door that doesn't open. This will only open once you have obtained all 15 trophies (and thus, fully completed the game). When you have, it will become unlocked. Behind it is a teleporter leading to the Insomniac Gallery, a bonus place where you can see a lot of things that didn't make it into the game, or were changed, and also experiment with hacker puzzles and effect generators. There's another way, however, of getting to the Insomniac Gallery which doesn't require the trophies. On Metropolis, if you smash the window to the left of the first building, you can keep going to reach a Titanium Bolt. However, on another ledge in a building along the way, you will find a teleporter.

This teleporter only works between 3pm and 4pm real-time (compared to whatever you've set your PS2's clock at). You can essentially just set your PS2's clock to around here, then load up the game and reach the teleporter to use it. This leads to the Insomniac Gallery.