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Reflect World
Box artwork for Reflect World.
Japanese titleリフレクトワールド
Developer(s)East Cube
Publisher(s)East Cube
Release date(s)
Genre(s)RPG, Shooter
System(s)Family Computer Disk System
TwitchReflect World Channel
YouTube GamingReflect World Channel

Reflect World is a hybrid RPG/Shooter developed by East Cube for the Family Computer Disk System. It is the only game developed by East Cube for any console. It developed two other games which were released on popular Japanese home consoles in the late 80s.

Contrary to popular belief, Reflect World is not a pure Shooter. It contains many RPG elements as well. It was never released outside of Japan, and its game play is not intuitive, require either a knowledge of Japanese or an understanding of the game instruction manual, preferably both.

Artwork and screenshots[edit]

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