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Steve burnside[edit]


Alexia Ashford[edit]

Alexia Ashford was the final boss (in fact final 3 bosses!) in Resident Evil: Code: Veronica. She was the twin sister of Alfred Ashford and in fact her existence in the game was often disputed. Although the player knows of her existence early on in the story, during the course of the game it becomes apparent that Alfred was dressing up as his sister to maintain the image that Alexia was still alive, and living in a mansion behind the Rockfort Island Facility. As the story transpires however we learn that Alexia had been cryogenically frozen after injecting herself with the T-Veronica Virus.


Alexia is a direct descendant of the original founders of the Umbrella Corporation. She and her twin Alfred were both genetically created in 1971, by their father Alexander who cloned them from Veronica Ashford's (the initial leader of the Ashford clan) DNA. Veronica was renowned for her superior IQ and sociopathic tendencies, which Alexia inherited completely; by the time she was ten Alexia had already graduated from her University and had become a head researcher for the Umbrella Corporation where she first discovered what she named the T-Veronica Virus. Her interest in the possibilities of the T-Veronica Virus grew from studying ant colonies where she observed that if the Queen of the colony died, the whole colony would perish along with her. It would appear that Alexia desired this hierarchy, with her as the Queen; consequently when she was eleven she injected her father Alexander with the virus, however he was not able to control the mutations and the experiment was a failure. With the help of her twin, Alexia chained him in a cell under Umbrella's Antarctic facility where he became the formidable creature known as 'Nosferatu' who is one of many bosses in Resident Evil: Code: Veronica.

Four years later Alexia injected herself with the virus and had herself placed in cyrostasis for 15 years after experimenting had suggested that absorption of the virus over a long period of time would allow the virus to bond with her on a cellular level and therefore create immunity, and consequently the ability to control it

Because of her intelligence, Alexia was alienated from her peer group so she quickly came to resent all those around her whom she regarded as ants. The only close bond she shared was with Alfred although in comparison he was unintelligent. For 15 years (whilst Alexia was frozen) he protected her and kept her alive, a task which had inevitably made him paranoid. Alexia also quickly gained rivals, such as William Birkin though their achievements could never match hers.

Appearances in Code Veronica[edit]

The first time the adult Alexia makes an appearance in the game is when she awakens from her cryogenic sleep after the death of Alfred. The initial effects of the T-Virus were noticeable instantly as she seemed to be in the control of an organic 'tentacle' structure with immense speed and strength. Additionally the T-Virus allowed her to mutate at will, which she does so on several occasions. Alexia is the only B.O.W (Bio-weapon) capable of fully controlling the T-Virus. Upon her awakening she finds her brother dead and vows to punish those who she considers to be his murderers, Steve Burnside and Claire Redfield

In her first mutation Alexia develops an insect like exo-skeleton around her for protection, her blood mutates into a substance that is combustible with air therefore harming anyone who damages her. In doing this Alexia is able to overcome the pyro-sensitivity that all B.O.W's suffer from, setting her further apart from all other Umbrella creations. In this form Alexia is able to spray a fire like substance from her hand.

In her second mutation (after being attacked in her first form) Alexia absorbs the tentacle into herself and mutates into something reminiscent of a Queen ant complete with a womb or "hive". In this form she is capable of controlling a colony of T-Virus ants by way of pheromones.

After she is defeated in this form, Alexia loses control of the hive and the the T-Virus ants consume her lower body. Her upper body however detaches to form a dragonfly structure and in this form she spews flaming ichor. Although Alexia is able to control her mutations they appear to become more volatile and extreme the more she is attacked.

Shes is defeated finally in this form by the S.T.A.R's member Chris Redfield and her remains were incinerated as the Antarctic Base self-destructed.