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Weapons are one of the aspects that make Resistance: Fall of Man such an interesting game. Most of the guns have two types of fire, primary and secondary, and knowing what you can do with each gun can make the difference between life and death.

At the beginning of the game you only have the one gun, as you progress through the story you find more weapons. Playing the story through a second time will yield different weapons.

All weapons will be available when playing online. However, the guns tend to be slightly different. Such changes are listed in the relevant section.


M5A2 Carbine[edit]

This is the gun you start with in the story mode. It's a gun you'll probably still be using through to the end of the game and has a good amount of ammo and is accurate even at a long range. Pressing L1 button fires a 40mm Grenade, which can be helpful when facing a group of enemies.

Online it's the gun you start with as a human, the primary fire is the same, but the gun will only carry two 45mm grenades.


Another weapon you'll use quite a bit, although not as accurate as the M5A2, hitting an enemy with L1 button 'tags' them, attracting all bullets towards that opponent. A bullseye tag can also be fired onto a wall of floor, by holding L1 button down the tag sticks, pressing R1 button will then cause all bullets to hover around the tag - creating a "Bullseye Trap". If the bullets remain when you next press L1 button they will move to the new tag. The bullseye is ideal for fast moving enemies.

Online you get unlimited tags. Another interesting factor is that you can "Bullseye Trap" allies; if you tag an ally the bullets will spin around above them.

Rossmore 236[edit]

Doesn't have a very long range so best used in close combat, a shot to the head will often kill instantly. It is also an ideal choice for facing crawlers as one shot can take out several of them. If it doesn't kill an enemy it will also stun them. Pressing L1 button fires both barrels at the same time. Unfortunately this gun has a slow reload time.

Online the gun is virtually the same, if you're playing as a Chimera hiding around corners with rage mode on you can see when people are coming so you can shoot them at close range, often resulting in a one hit kill.


This weapon can shoot through solid objects, the bullets don't travel that quickly but the more cover they travel through the stronger they become. L1 button fires a shield which can deflect bullets from ordinary guns. However be cautious as grenades can pass through the shield.

L23 Fareye[edit]

The L23 fareye is the game's standard sniper rifle. A shot to the head with this weapon will kill most enemies with one hit. The alternate fire slows down time allowing for more accurate shots, however this feature is not available online. Pressing R3 button brings the scope up to eye level, online zooming can be done either with up and down on Neutral dpad or by pressing L1 button.

XR-005 Hailstorm[edit]

The Hailstorm rapidly shoots small particles that will bounce off hard targets like walls and cars. the alternate fire releases a auto turret that fires your entires clip at nearby enemies. This weapon is not available online.

XR-003 Sapper[edit]

The Sapper shoots large organic mines in a similar fashion to Widowmakers. these mines will not detonate until an enemy collides with it. the alternate fire detonates all of the deployed mines. This weapon is generally useless against large or fast-moving enemies, it is most effective when used to block doorways or stop swarms of small enemies (such as leapers). This weapon is not available online.

L209 LAARK[edit]

The L209 LAARK is the standard rocket launcher. it's rockets can easily take out groups of enemies, holding L1 button after firing a rocket uses its air-brake feature allowing you to redirect the rocket after launching it. By holding R1 button after launch the rocket will split into numerous smaller rockets that target nearby enemies.


Only available on second playthrough

The Reapers are the weapons carried by the Slipskulls. They can be fired individually or at the same time. Each Reaper will lock on to an enemy and the player can kill each enemy.

This weapon is not available online.

Arc Charger[edit]

Only available on second playthrough

The Arc Charger is a powerful weapon best used against groups of enemies due to its alt. fire. The Arc Charger fires a bolt of electricity. The does the same thing but with each press of the button, the charge will arc to the closest enemy and gain more power eventually (provided there are a large group of enemies) it will start one-hit kills. This is what gives the Arc Charger its name.

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L11-2 Dragon[edit]

The Dragon is a Chemical flamethrower and is best used against tightly clustered groups of larger enemies. Pressing R1 button will fire a small burst of flame that does minimal damage impact but has the ability to light enemies on fire. the Alternate fire needs to be charged up and releases a "Vapor Cloud" that creates a large patch of flames that burns for quite sometime.It can burn you and set you alight if this happens shake the controller rapidly


Only available on second playthrough

Fires a pack of explosive pellets the can be split by pressint the alt. fire button. Works well on Widowmakers if you run out of LAARK ammo

This weapon is not available online.


Frag Grenade[edit]

This is the game's standard fragmentation grenade. it is useful for taking out tightly clustered enemies, although it is the least powerful grenade in the game.

Hedgehog Grenade[edit]

The Hedgehog is the standard Chimeran Grenade which functions similarly to flechettes. The hedgehog is generally considered to be more powerful than the fragmentation grenade because of the larger area it effects.

Air-Fuel Grenade[edit]

The Air-Fuel grenade is the most powerful grenade in the game and functions similarly to thermobaric weapons. The Air-Fuel will release gas when thrown which then explodes in a giant fireball. Additionally, the Air-Fuel Grenade will stick to solid surfaces and holding down the Circle button after throwing will allow you to remote detonate the bomb, when you release the circle button it will explode.

Backlash Grenade[edit]

Only available on second playthrough

These grenades release a large protective bubble shield around where they land, protecting the player inside from Chimeran weapons fire. Chimera caught inside this bubble will receive damage from their own weapons. This weapon is not available online.