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Cornet Espoir[edit]

The cheerful heroine of the game, she can sing, play the horn, and talk to puppets. She has a fear of toads, and dreams of being swept off her feet by a wonderful prince.


A puppet, and Cornet's best friend. Unlike other puppets, Kururu can move around on her own without Cornet's horn, and she can talk to other humans.

Ferdinand Marl E.[edit]

The prince, and soon to be king, of Marl Kingdom. He often sneaks out of the castle to hunt or visit the city. Cornet has dreamt of him her whole life and falls in love with him after a chance meeting in the forest.

Etoile Rosenqueen[edit]

Cornet's arrogant rival. Etoile often makes sarcastic remarks about Cornet. She grew up in a rich household and loves being the center of attention.


The antagonist of the game, but hardly the typical evil mastermind. She lies about her age and calls herself the "most beautiful witch in the world". She considers herself a great witch, but often makes mistakes.


One of Marjoly's lackeys. She is said to have the strength to fight a dragon with her bare hands, and is often mistaken for a man.


Another of Marjoly's lackeys, she is beautiful, but self-absorbed. She has large black wings and fights with a sword.


Marjoly's third lackey appears to be a child, and often behaves as one. She can cast powerful magic and summon dragons.