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Ribbit King
Box artwork for Ribbit King.
Release date(s)
System(s)PlayStation 2, GameCube
ESRB: ESRB E.png Everyone
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Ribbit King's main action consists of playing "frolf", a fantastical variation on golf. Instead of clubs and balls, players use mallets to launch frogs towards the hole, gaining a "Frog-In" before your opponent.

Ribbit King is quite a unique game. It plays a little like a combination of Monkey Target (from the Super Monkey Ball party games for GameCube) and Mario Golf. It's got some board game elements too — landing on certain areas gives certain amounts of points, landing on certain areas can transport you to other areas. It's very easy, and relies on luck as much as skill, so casual gamers can enjoy it too.

Available Modes[edit]

Story Mode

This is the one-player mode. A long, unskippable intro details your mission: you (as Scooter, a construction worker) must compete in a frolf tournament to win Super Ribbonite, a substance that keeps your home planet of Hippotron in orbit. Successful matches against computer-controlled frolfers will net you money you can use to buy items and frogs. You will also unlock any defeated characters for play in multiplayer mode, and eventually movie clips, which can be found on the bonus disc.

Vs. Mode

Multiplayer mode. Compete against your friends on any of the courses. Up to 4 can play, and only one controller is required (so if you're lazy, you can just pass a wavebird around). Any frolfer you defeat in Story Mode will be available in Vs. Mode.

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