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  • Benefit: Influences national borders and allows more buildings to be built

It comes in three variants - Small, Large and Major. A city starts as a small city and upgrades to a large one automatically when it has 5 types of buildings in its economic range and Medieval age is researched. When a city's hit-points reach 0, it gets captured. It is the only place where citizens can be made. Large city is upgraded to major city automatically by researching Industrial age and having 9 kinds of buildings in its radius.


  • Benefit: +10 Food

Introduced in the beginning of the game, this building is the basis for the creation of people. The farm can only hold one citizen at a time. It is the general foundation for food gathering. This building is available to all races except the Lakota. It is important in maintaining a successful city. It is one building that will transcend the ages. It can be augmented by the Granary.

Woodcutters Camp[edit]

  • Benefit: +10 Wood

Introduced in the beginning of the game, the woodcutters camp is where the wood can be gathered. The basis for keeping the buildings up in the game, wood is second to none in its importance. It is available to all races and in all ages. It can be augmented by the Lumber Mill.


  • Benefit: Age and Technology Research

Introduced in the beginning of the game, the library is a building where new technologies and ages can be researched. This eventually leads to better army units and buildings. Most upgrades require a library research as a pre-requirement


  • Benefit: Taxation and Religion Research

The place of religion research this building allows the player to extend their border's reach and the health of buildings via the Religion research. It allows the city to gather extra wealth from the taxes gathered from every corner of the territory via the Taxation researches. It requires 1st science research as a prerequisite. It must be built within the economic radius of a city. It also increases the hit points and attack range of a city.


  • Benefit: +10 Gold

Builds caravans and merchants. Caravans are an important source to generate wealth. Merchants can be used to gather rare natural resources for your kingdom. It requires 1st commerce research as a requirement.