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Control Action
Neutral dpad
  • Move cursor
  • Highlight menu item
  • Adjust/Cycle menu item
Up dpad or Down dpad
  • Toggle target lock
Left dpad or Right dpad
  • Switch locked target
Neutral lstick
  • Move character
  • Scroll map display
Cross button
  • Attack with main weapon
  • Select highlighted menu item
  • Action
  • Talk
Circle button
  • Previous screen
  • Return to main menu
  • Jump
Triangle button
  • Main menu
  • Battle menu
  • Move item on item screen
Square button
  • Attack with sub-weapon
  • Split stacks on item screen
  • Throw
L1 button
  • Cycle pages on item screen
  • Cycle screens on Battle Recorder
  • Accept battle suggestion
L2 button
  • Cycle pages on item screen
  • Accept battle suggestion
L3 button
  • Swap characters
  • Reject battle suggestion
R1 button
  • Cycle screens on Battle Recorder
  • (hold - in combat) Guard, action gauge fills on successful block
R2 button
  • Reset camera angle
R3 button
  • Toggle camera angles
Select button
  • Display map
  • Change camera angle (battle menu)
Start button
  • Pause game
Start button then Triangle button
  • Skip event
Triangle button then Square button
  • Change Team Command during combat
R1 button+Cross button
  • Lift object or enemy (in combat)
R1 button+Square button
  • Activate Burning Strike