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Burning Chaos (Fire Prominence Zone)[edit]

  • Once again, the stage starts off with the appearance of groups of Beruberumus, providing you with power-ups before you reach the start of the stage. If you perished in the last stage, do your best to power up as much as possible before you reach the flames. Even when the flames do start, one last group of Beruberumus will appear.
  • Once the stage starts in earnest, there is one important strategy to employ throughout most of it: Hold still. Unlike most stages, you should find a safe place to occupy and remain there as much as possible. The safest places are just slightly left of the center of the screen and approximately one inch above the bottom or one inch below the top. In these locations, you should be able to safely avoid the flame eruptions that occur throughout the stage while still attacking most of the other threats which are present.
  • The only other threats besides the erruptions are the Phoenix and the Flame Planets. The Phoenix fly in sine waves across the stage, while the Flame Planets are erupted from either surface and flight straight towards you ship when they begin moving. Remain in your safe position as much as possible, flying left or right to avoid any immediate threat. Remember to stay close to the surface to avoid flame eruptions from the opposite side.
  • The only time you should absolutely move is when you happen to see the formation of an eruption in the opposite direction as usual, like the one shown to the right. This is the indication of a continuous eruption. When you see it, immediately climb up (or down) to the opposite side, fly forward to get around it, and return to your original position as it scrolls off. Be especially careful of the bottom continuous eruption, as there is an upper eruption that follows it quite quickly.

Boss: Intruder[edit]

The Intruder is a rather intense boss. A long snaking dragon, it attempt to fly into your ship where ever you are located. It can move quite well through the air, but you have one distinct advantage over it: maneuverability. You are capable of adjusting and correcting your position much better than the dragon can. The dragon can only curve it's body so much, so you should be able to avoid getting eaten. However, what it is likely to do is corral you into a space that it can enclose you in with its body. It's alright if this happens, but stay alert and keep moving with the entire body. The only vulnerable point on the Intruder is the head. Keep firing at it while avoiding the fire it breaths at you. When you become enclosed, focus on moving with the body and fire as much as possible when the head passes in front of you.