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Scarab of Ra
Box artwork for Scarab of Ra.
Developer(s) Semicolon Software
Publisher(s) Semicolon Software
Release date(s)
Genre(s) Adventure
System(s) Mac OS
Mode(s) Single player
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Scarab of Ra is a Mac OS shareware computer game written in 1987 by Semicolon Software. It is an adventure set within an Egyptian pyramid. The game is rendered in black-and-white from a first person perspective; the rendering engine only allows grid-based, frame-by-frame movement. The game is played via a point-and-click, icon-driven interface in combination with keyboard shortcuts.

Gameplay is that of a simplified roguelike game. Each new game is randomized, and the player can only save by quitting. Death is frequent and quick, forcing players to make the most of their skills and careful use of all items they come across. Many items have several uses that the player must either discover through experimentation or use of an in-game hint system.

A sandstorm has uncovered the Great Pyramid of Ra. The player, a lowly archaeology student, decides to learn its secrets and tell of its wonders. After securing food and a lantern on short notice, the player enters the pyramid with hopes of finding additional equipment abandoned by earlier expeditions.

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