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Roguelikes are games similar to Rogue (or NetHack). Generally, a roguelike is a Role-Playing Game featuring randomly-generated content (most prominently, randon dungeon layouts). Often magical items will be given only a vague description until properly identified.

Some of the generally accepted defining characteristics of a roguelike are:

  • Random generation of dungeons.
  • Unidentified items: at least a significant portion of the items that can be found.
  • Permanent death: the player's character is deleted from memory if he/she/it dies; averted in "rogue-lites".
  • Minimalistic graphics; averted in "graphical roguelikes".

Diablo has often been referred to as a modern remaking of the roguelike, and other games, such as Baroque take similar steps in remaking the roguelike for a modern audience.