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Goblin Hack!
Box artwork for Goblin Hack!.
Developer(s) Neil McGill
Publisher(s) SourceForge
Latest version 1.18 (Fiery Minotaurs)
Release date(s)
Genre(s) Hack and slash, Roguelike, RPG
System(s) Linux, Windows
Mode(s) Single player
Website Official site
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Twitch Goblin Hack! Channel
YouTube Gaming Goblin Hack! Channel

Goblin Hack! is a freeware roguelike (hack and slash RPG) developed in 2006 by Neil McGill who published it through It is an "opengl-based smooth-scrolling ASCII graphics game! Inspired by the likes of NetHack, it opts for a simple interface that appears to appeal to kids (and adults) and fires the imagination in today's world of over-rendered games."

Players can choose one of several classes before being thrown into the first floor of a randomized, ongoing dungeon. Unlike typical roguelikes, players of Goblin Hack! can manually save their game. An unsaved game, however, results in a lost character.

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