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The Nightmare of Druaga: Fushigino Dungeon
Box artwork for The Nightmare of Druaga: Fushigino Dungeon.
Japanese titleザ・ナイトメア・オブ・ドルアーガ 不思議のダンジョン
Developer(s)Arika, Chunsoft, Matrix Software
Release date(s)
Genre(s)RPG, Roguelike
System(s)PlayStation 2
ModesSingle player
ESRB: ESRB E.png Everyone
Preceded byThe Blue Crystal Rod
SeriesBabylonian Castle Saga
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The Nightmare of Druaga: Fushigino Dungeon is a console role-playing game developed by Arika and Chunsoft and published by Namco in 2004 exclusively for the Sony PlayStation 2. It is the fifth game in the Babylonian Castle Saga series, following The Blue Crystal Rod, and the eighth game in Chunsoft's Mystery Dungeon series.

Set in a fictionalized version of ancient Babylon, the story follows Gilgamesh (shortened to Gil) in his journey to save his fiancée Ki from the evil sorceress Skulld. The story is told primarily through real-time cut scenes.

Table of Contents